A Record

It’s been my habit, of late, to make sure there are bowls to put the Catz’ food in. This morning, that was a good thing because two of the bowls were on the floor and two were in the flower bed. Only two remained on the railing. A record, I must say. Fortunately, I hadn’t eaten yet so I bent over several times to get them and put them back where they belonged.

As you can see, I’ve rearranged the bowls so there’s no sharing. It’s one of the Catz to one bowl. That’s probably why they’re getting knocked off.

Catz at the Table

It will be nice when they’re fastened down once and for all.

Trying to get through to the trustee’s office proved almost impossible but it finally rang instead of returning a busy signal. I was assured the check I’d requested on the 22nd was posted on Friday and my property taxes are paid for yet another year.

DD called this afternoon as promised. She’s taking after her mama and is having a tender tooth. I’d much rather she’d inherit my better qualities if I have any. We talked for almost an hour when she decided we’d better hang up so she could get back to work.

During our conversation, I told her I planned to call and get the results of my tests of last Tuesday. So…when we hung up, I did. Here’s what I found out. CT showed some swelling of the lymph nodes but otherwise stable. ECHO was good. ABG was 94%. Six minute walk indicated I should continue (?) O2. I had the nurse look back on my potassium recheck and it was normal. So, I guess I’ll live a little longer.

That’s it for the news from this part of the world. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday so I’ll go do my civic duty. It will be a small contribution but I’ll do what I can to stop the Steamroller. ‘Nuff said.

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