Lost and Found

When the timer beeped, I wanted to stay right where I was — in bed. Grudgingly, I rolled out and started my day. It was too early to eat. It was even too early to take my thyroid med. I got ready, fed the Catz and left.

Getting to the outpatient surgery center was no problem. I went the way Cuz had gone the other day (without having to backtrack) and got there at not quite 7 CST. I took the receiver in, gave the lady my diary (she was most impressed with it), used the bathroom and left.

Save A Lot had bananas on sale for 49 cents a lub and avocados for 69 cents each. I figured I’d stop since I’d eaten the last of both yesterday. It was 7:30 Central when I got there and, wouldn’t you know it? They’d changed their opening time to 8. I wasn’t going to sit in the car and wait for half an hour. I came on home.

I took my med, printed off a couple of ads and swooped down the mountain to town. I figured I’d get a headstart on my other trips and fill the car up. I wanted to take advantage of the sales before they expired, too.

Stopping at the gas station, I reached for my purse. Looking in the pocket where I keep the folder with my credit card, I was surprised that it wasn’t there. I looked in all the pockets but no folder. I went to the used food store and bought the last bag of Fordhooks in the freezer case and paid in cash. That seemed so strange but they don’t take credit cards and I wasn’t going to write a check for $1.69 plus tax.

Coming home, I started looking. I’d had my folder in my coat pocket last Friday but I’d emptied both of them of their contents when I got home. I knew it had to be here somewhere, but where? Retracing my steps did no good. I looked everywhere twice, three times. Praying and almost crying, I even went through some of the garbage.

Taking time out to do my body test, my Wii Fit Age was 26. That was better than yesterday. It was 30 then but that wasn’t as good as it most always is which is 20. (Getting a little bragging in.)

I sat down at the computer and put in a prayer request on my church group page on Facebook and emailed it out, as well.

I have misplaced the folder with my driver license, credit card and bank card. It also has my voter ID, proof of insurance–pretty much everything. Please pray I’ll find it soon!

It was past time for breakfast but I couldn’t eat. I felt sick. A couple of people replied they were praying.

Something or Someone led me to the chair where my purse was. I went through it again. Nothing. Then I looked around and there, on the piano, was the folder. That’s somewhere I never put it but I guess I laid it down to go to the bathroom.

Breathing a prayer of thanks, I sent out another message both places.

The lost has been found! The folder was on the piano. I NEVER put it there but I was still a bit loopy from the anesthesia, I guess.

I ate breakfast. I’ve been eating most of my meals standing up. When I sit at the table, I tend to lean over when I take bites and I don’t when I’m standing. I’m not taking the PPI or H2 blocker but I chew Tums if I have acid. They don’t stop the reflux and I’ve had some doozies of coughing episodes but no more than I was, anyway.

The rest of the day has been uneventful. It did rain hard at one point. When I went out to feed the Catz this evening, it was still raining. I thought they were holed up in the garage but three of them were huddled up on the deck. When I was filling the bowls, the black one followed along until I gave in and petted him. He wasn’t too happy when I petted another of the Catz. He’s beginning to trail after me and I think he’d come in the house with a little encouragement but I’m not going to find out.

This little girl is tired and sleepy. I’ve had an unusual day. I’m glad it’s over.

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