Another Winter Event

It was late when I took my bath last night but it surely helped me sleep. There is no way I’m going to bed cold between soaks in the tub and the heated blanket Cuz gave me for Christmas. It’s much more pleasant when I can go to bed with warm feet than with cold ones.

The day started out sunny but the clouds soon took over. Weatherbug was blinking a weather alert and when I pulled it up, it said there is a winter weather advisory in effect through Wednesday at 7 a.m. I’m thankful I have what I need without having to go to the store for milk and bread. My last restocking trip, I got a good supply of toilet paper so I’m set. As long as I have power and water, I’ll be okay.

My roommate called for a short conversation. She told me she’d do the talking and I could just listen because I was coughing. After several spasms, she told me goodbye and we hung up. It would be so nice to have a normal talk rather than hack my way through.

It isn’t supposed to get frigid cold so the line to the septic tank so it shouldn’t freeze. Even if it does get really cold, I have the antifreeze that’s supposed to be non-toxic.

The Catz still have a little less than half a bag of food but that’s still a good amount since Cuz brought 30 lubs the last time. When I went out to feed them this afternoon, there was still a little food in some of the bowls so I just topped them off. I noticed it had started snowing so the Weather Guessers were right.

Later, I looked out and everything is covered and the snow is coming down steadily. It isn’t heavy but it could still pile up at that rate.

Theo's Drinking ChocolateRather than Dandy Blend, I figured today was more of a hot chocolate day so I opted for some Theo Drinking Chocolate. It pained me to note there’s barely enough left for another cup so I’ll be completely out soon.

My nurse friend messaged me to see if I wanted her to come over today to shoot me. I told her I’m going back to my normal Tuesday schedule. She is supposed to have an appointment in the valley but if the weather is too bad, she’s going to cancel. Better safe than sorry.

I made an appointment for my next barium swallow and I called the surgeon’s office to ask him to contact the pulmonologist. I’d had to look at the order to give the scheduler the diagnoses the doctor had written and, before I put it back in my purse, I looked at it again.

When I scanned the form, I noticed it had someone else’s name and date of birth on it. I called the office again and when the nurse called me back, she questioned me about the form. Was it a computer printout or handwritten? It was handwritten. I’m to destroy it and they’re faxing an order to the hospital, anyway. HIPAA HIPAA!

Tomorrow is my first day without Nexium. It goes without saying I dread it.

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  1. Lila February 9, 2016 at 8:47 am #

    Glad things are moving forward toward what we can hope is better health for you! And yes, we did watch a lot of the debate, but not to the bitter end.

    • Tommie February 9, 2016 at 11:42 am #

      It WAS bitter, wasn’t it? How close did I come with my analysis?

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