And Now, A Debate!

It’s been a long day and it isn’t over yet. I’ve pledged to myself to watch all of the debates and town halls (I think I missed a GOP TH, though). I’m doing it a lot in memory of my mother. She could get so worked up over the Presidential Race every four years. I can’t imagine what she’d say about this season.

Today was the day for me to see the pulmonologist. My appointment was for 12:30 but by the time I’d done everything I needed to, I was left with half an hour to shower, dry my hair and get dressed. I got ‘er done in less than that and was out the door by 10:45.

The trip was uneventful and, as usual, when I got to the Mother Ship, I headed to the roof to park. On the third floor of the parking garage, my way was blocked. No one but staff could continue and to make sure of that, there’s been a new barricade installed that can only be lifted by a staff card. I still have mine somewhere but I don’t suppose it would be ethical to use it. With the new system, they may have had to distribute new cards, anyway.

There are signs posted everywhere about the tickets that are issued at the entrance. I went to the information desk to find out what I needed to do. I’d received a letter the other day saying my Healthlink card still qualifies me for free parking. At the desk, the lady said Healthlink doesn’t have anything to do with it any more but she validated my ticket and gave it back to me with instructions on which lane to use going out.

I was 15 minutes early so I signed in and sat down. No one asked me for my co-pay. Thirty minutes later, I was called back for my PFT and weighed. I told the therapist that I like her but I don’t like what she does.

We went through the three sets of breathing/blasting/holding/whatever and she showed me to the exam room. I waited forever and finally had to get up and go out. The doctor looked a little unsure of himself and I told him I was going to the bathroom. He was still writing when I got back.

I’d exhausted all the old magazines I cared to look at and was sitting, waiting, wondering. The door eventually opened and the doctor came in and shook my hand. He was alarmed by the results of my last ABG and has ordered another one plus a six minute walk. He also ordered a hi-res CT scan and an echocardiogram. He wanted to see me again in two weeks but is schedule didn’t allow it. I told him I kept thinking “cha-CHING cha-CHING” with all this stuff I’m to have done.

He isn’t happy that I’ve been referred to a surgeon who isn’t local for him. I said no one does the procedure at the Mother Ship. He wasn’t familiar with the TIF so I patiently told him it’s a transoral, incisionless, fundoplication while he wrote it down.

It was going on 3 o’clock when I was let go. I stopped and offered my co-pay and the woman took it. There’s a lab drawing station just next door now so I went in there and had three vials drawn.

At 3:15, I got back to my car. On the way out, I followed the instructions of the lady at the info desk, the machine ate my ticket, liked it and lifted the barricade.

I’d thought about stopping at the Asian market but I was tired. The PFT pretty much wears me out. I didn’t even stop at ALDI. Traffic was backed up where I was to get on the highway home. There had been wrecks on either side of the four-lane highway and it was closed just below the exit. If I’d been earlier, I might have been part of it so I’ve rethought being aggravated at the doctor.

Proceeding on to Walmart, I gathered up the junk mail I’d gotten out of the mailbox to put in the trash inside. There was a prescription card from GoodRx that I almost threw away but I decided I’d ask about it at the pharmacy. The line was long but I patiently waited my turn.

The girl called me forward and I showed her the card and asked if it were a scam. No. It could discount my prescriptions. The one for today was $9.34. She took the card to one of the other ladies and when she came back, the total was $8.05. Not quite the 80% saving that’s supposed to be possible but almost 9%. In a year’s time, that will add up to $15.48.

Than I stopped by customer service and got $1.40 I’d been overcharged for Campari tomatoes. Every little bit helps.

Home again, I fed the Catz and me and put a load of laundry in. I usually do that on Friday but I figured I’d get a head start.

It’s a little over a half hour until the debate begins. However this election cycle turns out, it will be a relief when it’s over. Sort of like my PFT.

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