It’s Official

Last night, I said Bernie hadn’t committed himself to the February 4 debate and that the DNC hadn’t sanctioned it. Well, both have come to pass. Bernie will be there and the DNC has put its seal of approval on it. Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow will be moderators. That’s going to be pretty interesting in and of itself.

This afternoon, I was listening to the Sabbath School lesson discussion when the phone rang. I was surprised to see it was DD’s number. I knew merm’s parents were supposed to be there this weekend and DD and her SO were supposed to go “hang out” with them. Come to find out, that happened yesterday and the couple were on the ferry heading for Whidbey Island. They hadn’t had breakfast so they were planning to eat out. We didn’t talk long. It was one of our shortest conversations at a little less than 15 minutes.

Well, all the Catz showed up today, including the neighbor cat. That is, all but Six. Cuz says she still comes around but I haven’t seen her for months. Only half of the clowder had been at the front door at any time the past couple of days. If they hadn’t gathered en masse, I was going to go hunting and see if Cuz might have accidentally shut some of them up under her house when she was working on the leak the other day. I was glad not to have to do that.

On the Wounded Sister front, she is able to shower and even bathe now. Progress is being made and she’s a much happier camper.

That’s about all the excitement I have to report about this last day of January 2016. Time does march on.

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