Thursday had been a full day. I’d had a rough night before and then the trip to see the surgeon. I was bushed but I was determined to watch the debate.

It started off with Megyn Kelly addressing the situation of the “elephant not in the room”. The Donald was getting more press by NOT being there than if he had shown up. I hear there was an 11th hour plea from Fox for him to show but he declined. He was going ahead with his own event. Cruz answered Megyn by saying, “I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. And Ben, you’re a terrible surgeon.” Then he said that, with the Donald Trump portion out of the way…

He did all this with a twinkle and Cruz doesn’t twinkle very well. I think he should leave the twinkling to Rand Paul. He’s much better at it and he doesn’t even have to try. About Rand, I must say I was disappointed with his “do”. He’s much more enchanting with the hair curling onto his forehead but I guess someone figured it would make him look more “presidential” to have it swooshed over.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t miss The Donald. He doesn’t ever have much to contribute other than superlatives. His absence gave the others more time to lay out their plans but they, for the most part, blew it. At several points, there was total mayhem on the stage and Kasich was trying desperately to get a word in edgewise. Cruz, Jeb and Rubio were involved in what might have escalated into a brawl under other circumstances. Christie stayed out of the fray but I still don’t know what his plans are if he’s elected (and I seriously doubt he’ll be the nominee).

The coolest head on the stage was Ben Carson. Now, Ben is a nice man. He’s sincere and no one can claim to have more 2 a.m. calls concerning life and death matters than he can. However. He is not ready to be president and probably never will be. Talk about learning on the job! As for any of the others, I still haven’t sorted through. I’ll wait for the caucuses and see who is winnowed out.

As is normal, lots of volleys were aimed at Hillary as if she’s the Democratic Nominee Apparent. Bernie’s name came up once that I noticed and Martin was totally ignored.

Usually, I stay up and watch the interviews in the spin room and the panel discussions but I was beat. I went to bed as soon as the debate was over.

Yesterday was Friday all day long. It’s close enough to the first of the month that I turned and rotated the mattress. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. The only laundry I did was sheets since I’d done clothes earlier in the week. I finished loading the dishwasher and ran it plus I fed the Catz. And me.

Even though I got a solid eight hours sleep last night, I did not want to get up this morning. But I did. I took care of all the “have to’s” and fed the Catz. There was still food in their bowls so I just topped them off.

There were several vehicles at the church when I got there. Today was Communion Sabbath and the deacons and deaconesses were getting everything ready. I was early enough that I went over the hymns and played several other songs before song service started.

It was cold in the church. I’d glanced at the thermostat and it was set on 65. I put on my coat and was prepared to wear it at the organ but the deacon went over and turned up the heat. It was enough warmer when I went back to the organ after the lesson study I took off my coat.

Everything went as planned and, between services, the pianist came over and told me she planned to play the piano softly while I participated in the Ordinance of Humility and when I’d finished, I could play the organ as usual and she’d participate. That was fine with me.

Church time came and I made it through everything okay but, when I got back from my routine potty break, I started a coughing episode. It got so bad I had to get up and go out. One of my friends followed me to make sure I was okay. The coughing had gotten so intense, I had tears in my eyes when she came in the bathroom. She wanted to know how my visit with the surgeon went so I told her what he’d ordered. We talked a little more and went back in.

Everything was okay and the preacher’s wife (the Road Trip couple) asked me to take part with her since the lady who was sitting with her had never experienced Communion and just wanted to watch. I was glad to and we served each other. When we were through, I went to the organ.

I was a little startled when the deacon came up and laid something on the ledge next to the upper keyboard. When I had a chance to glance over, he’d put a napkin there for my bread. That was thoughtful. While the bread and grape juice are being passed out, I play softly so the deacon has to put my portion on the organ for me. I remembered to pick my grape juice up with my right hand since my tremor is less there but I had to rethink and set it back down again. I picked it up just before I drank it.

When church was over, I thanked both deacons for taking care of me. I always whisper “thank you” when the one puts the elements on the organ but I don’t know if he hears me.

I walked to the car with the Computer Owner. Her husband of almost seven weeks is in the hospital at the Mother Ship. She’s having car trouble but planned to go see him this afternoon. I hope she made it there and back okay.

The Catz’ bowls still had food in them. Before I changed clothes, I got a Walmart bag and raided the freezer in the garage. For my meal, I had Fordhook limas, stuffed peppers, spring rolls and So Delicious vanilla bean ice cream. I’m good until tomorrow.

On the debate horizon, the next one for the Democrats is Thursday on MSNBC. Hillary and Martin have pledged to be there. No word from Bernie yet. So far, it hasn’t been sanctioned by the DNC but who knows what will happen between now and then? A week from tonight is the next GOP debate on ABCNews. It’s a busy time and I’m getting so I can predict what the candidate’s answers will be. Before this is done, it will be information overload.

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