The Debate

I woke this morning to an outside temperature of 11. Inside, it was 59. Not quite hypothermia temperature but I didn’t stay up. I turned on more heat and went back to bed. I drifted off and didn’t wake for another couple of hours. By that time, it was a bit warmer.

Since it was Monday, I was supposed to shoot myself. I put it off when I thought of it, then didn’t think of it again until it was too late to do it. I’ll have to remember to take care of it tomorrow.

As cold as it was, I got my warmest winter coat to feed the Catz. I struggled with the zipper and hoped it had gotten easier over the warmer weather. Not so. I almost gave up but I didn’t want to go out without protection so I kept it up until I could zip it.

After I’d fed them and me, made up my bed, did my body test (my Wii Fit Age was 20) and had my quiet time, I settled down to watch the debate. If you missed it and want to see it, here it is.

Bernie was earnest and shouted at times. Hillary wants to build on Obama’s successes. O’Malley seemed more at ease than he has in the past but I wish he’d get some new stories. Hearing the same ones in each debate gets a little old.

O’Malley did say one thing that stuck in my mind. When they were debating gun control, he said he never saw anyone have to use an AR-15 to take down a deer.

Now, on to other things. I have rotating pictures of Twinkle in a box for my desktop theme. What strikes me is how solemn she was. Even when she was ripping through the house, it was like she was intent on a mission.


She was a good cat in spite of her idiosyncrasies.

I get grocery ads emailed to me. This morning, there was a notice about the newest Piggly Wiggly ad. The only problem was, it said there was no ad for that time period — 12/31/69. No. I guess not. I emailed the company but I haven’t heard back.

Yesterday, I noticed the fix I’d applied to my sandal wasn’t working too well. There was a 1/4″ gap where I’d put the duct tape. It was either sliding or stretching — or both. I cut the extra out with my trusty scissors and put a long piece all the way around the sandal, then another piece over that to discourage sliding. So far, so good.

The second time I fed the Catz, I put a bit of petroleum jelly on the part that inserts into the pull thingy on the zipper and it worked! I hope it wasn’t just a fluke. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

There was an automated phone call from the doctor’s office this afternoon. I confirmed my appointment and then looked at the forecast. It starts out with snow, then rain and freezing rain. Tomorrow, I’ll call and reschedule. I’m anxious to get in and see what the doctor thinks but I don’t need to be driving in that, either.

Cuz and I have been texting. She asked if I’m keeping warm. Well, it’s 64 degrees where I’m sitting. I have the blanket she gave me for Christmas but the it doesn’t do much for the backs of my legs. Guess I need to get those long johns out. Last night, my feet were cold so I got the heating pad merm gave me long ago and put it in my bed. I’ll have to be careful and not catch the cord in the bed’s mechanism.

I think I’ve said it before but I don’t like winter.

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