I prefer giving my post debate wrap-up closer than two days later but that’s how it worked out this time. So…here goes.

There was a moderate amount of mud that was slung by some of the candidates. Most of it came from Trump and Cruz. When Trump did talk without vilifying someone else (which wasn’t often), he repeated himself a lot. I don’t know if he does it to emphasize what he’s saying or if he is trying to think of something else to say and he’s buying time. At any rate, it gets a little old. He also speaks in superlatives — or am I the only one to notice that? He uses “very very” quite a bit, too. Or “really really”.

Trump is always hung up on where someone was born. First, it was Obama and now it’s Cruz. Give me a break! If the place of his nativity were in question, I don’t think he would have gotten as far in politics as he has.

In the spin room, everyone was congratulating each other for a “substantive debate”. They were watching a different one than I did. I wanted to hear what the candidates planned for the country if elected but most of what I got was a rehash of what a terrible job Hillary and Obama have done and how much better off the country will be under the Republican banner. No specifics. Just better.

The ideas to do anything constructive were too vague for my liking. I know campaign promises are wish lists but if they’re going to wish, they need to have plans, too.

I’d watched a few minutes of the JV debate but I was in the process of eating supper and I felt that was more important. With Carly demoted, the main debate was a boys’ club. I did miss Rand. He’s such a cute little fellow when he lets his hair curl down over his forehead.

Yesterday was a typical Friday at my house. Cuz texted me about my appointment with the TIF doctor and asked if I wanted her to go with me. I told her the date and time and it turns out she has three appointments that day so I’ll be going alone.

Last night, I kept dreaming about Kevlar and how it was supposed to protect me. I don’t know what brought it on. It didn’t make for a restful sleep but I got up shortly after the timer timed.

It wasn’t terribly cold this morning. I wore my coat, anyway, and I’m glad I did. The church was warm when we went in but someone left the doors to the foyer open and it cooled off quickly. I wasn’t able to do anything to keep warm while I was at the organ but I wrapped my coat around my legs when I was sitting.

Church was a video by the editor of Liberty magazine. It was interesting but it was long and very scholarly.

After the video, the piano technician got up and gave a talk, too, reminiscing about the time he was employed by Reader’s Digest. His wife caught his eye and gave him the “cut” sign so he wound it up and they sang all the verses of “The Lord In Zion Reigneth”. It isn’t the easiest song in the world to play on the organ.

I didn’t get home until almost 2 o’clock. Of course, that was almost 1 church time.

First thing, I heated water for the hot water bottle and changed into something warmer. I think the thermometer in the kitchen has gone haywire. It says it’s 70 degrees but it doesn’t feel that warm. Outside, it’s 32.

The Christmas letter from my sister came. She had to dictate it and the other sister did the typing, printing, folding and mailing. It was interesting, as usual, even though I knew 99% of it already.

There’s a 30% chance of snow after midnight. The way I feel, I won’t be up to see if it happens.

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