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After I took the pictures of my beautiful sandals, I noticed the duct tape was stretching some. That isn’t unusual since it’s fabric based. I repositioned it and put another strip on the inside and it seems to be okay for now. I’ve worn the sandals today. They’ve had a good test.

After I wrote that, I had to reposition the tape AGAIN and, this time, it took some of the top layer of the sandal with it. Plus, it had stuck to my sock and now I have adhesive that I’ll have to remove somehow.

Five Catz showed up to be fed twice today. I don’t know if they were all the same five. I know the black one and gray one were but the other three are sort of interchangeable. There are two sets of siblings that resemble each other so much, I can’t tell them apart. Cuz can but you know how it is. The mother of twins always knows which is which.

Weatherbug says the low is supposed to be 28 degrees in the valley but it’s already recorded on “So far today” that it was 17. I didn’t think it got that cold here but tne min/max on my thermometer says it got down to 16.9. Bear with me if I’m repeating myself but I don’t like this cold weather.

I woke this morning to a house cooler than normal. I got up, took my morning meds, turned the heat up and crawled back where it was warm. I’m not going to admit how long I slept but when I woke, the sun was well up in the sky. Even so, it wasn’t shining in my front windows since it’s so far south.

Yesterday, I called the gastro’s office for an update on the referral. The nurse said she’d put a reminder on the doctor’s desk. I hope something happens soon. Being in limbo isn’t my thing.

My bill from AT&T came yesterday. It was $1.90 more than usual so I went to the web site to see why. While I was looking at my statement, a chat window opened and I was chatting with Alisha B. She explained that my promotion period was expiring on February 2 so it was prorated for the remaining time. In the course of our conversation, she asked if I would be interested in upgrading my speed to 18 MBPS (which should have been Mbps) for 16 cents. HUH? Well, it was 16 cents A DAY. Not 16 cents a month. She was quite the saleslady.

  • Alisha B : Yes, you are getting it as discounted rate till the time new promotion is getting added. So next month you will get a new promotion, so you are not going to pay anything extra.
  • Alisha B : I will also make a note on that.
  • Alisha B : So next month new promotion will be added with the 18mbps.
  • Alisha B : And till the time you can enjoy the speed as well.
  • Alisha B : That is the reason I have suggested you!
  • Alisha B : So let me go ahead and add that up for you so that you can start enjoying your service within sometimes.

I did a quick calculation and decided I could handle that.

  • Alisha B : Awesome!

Since I’m accessing the Internet via my wireless gateway, I’m only getting about 15 down but that sure beats the 10 or so I was getting with 12.

In all the excitement of shoe repair, I failed to mention I had price matches at Walmart. I have a favorite cashier and when it was my turn, I sang, “I have price match!” and she sang back, “I know you do!” Bananas were 57 cents a lub. I got them for 29 cents. Almond Breeze was $2.50. I think it’s regularly $2.98. Avocados were 88 cents (the sign still says $1.18). I got them for 79 cents and the ALDI ad that came out today has bananas at 29 cents again and avocados for 49 cents. You’d never know there’s a threat of a banana famine.

Well, the day is done and so am I. Over and out.

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