Blood Drops

One sensor says it’s 25. The other says 26. Whichever one is right, it doesn’t matter. Fact is, it’s cold. I should probably turn the heat on in the master bath. (Why is it called the “master” bath when I’m not a master?)

I’d set the timer last night so I wouldn’t oversleep this morning. I was up before it went off. By the time my shot administrator got here, I’d had most of my quiet time, showered, shampooed, blew dry, and dressed.

Besides the B12 shot, I had the A1C kit to get ready to mail. I was glad I could count on a professional to help me with it. The lancet was the press and stick kind so I could have managed that but getting the drops of blood in the little hole of the sample do-hickey would have been a trick with my tremor. You can see a video of the process here.

While the sample dried for the prescribed 15 minutes, my nurse friend went home and put on another layer of clothes. She stopped back by and took the mailer with her since she was on her way to town. I guess my life-blood is on its way to Illinois.

Since I’d not heard anything from my PCP about my labs, I emailed him. Just as I had suspected, the results had gone to my rheumatologist because hers was the first name on the face sheet. He said they were all good. “…liver enzymes sugar thyroid vitamin D everything looked good.” ABG was good, O2 sat a little on the low side but not “terrible”. Tomorrow, I’ll check with Walmart to see if my thyroid prescription has been faxed in.

Later in the day, the gastro’s nurse called me. No, the gastro didn’t know of anyone who does the TIF. I told her the name of the doctor who does and gave her the name of the physician group he’s with. Later, I found that I’d given her the wrong first name so I called back and left a message. Hopefully, I’ll get a referral from him but if I don’t, I’ll ask my PCP.

The place where my finger was poked is right where it hits the keys on my notebook. It’s a bit tender so I’ll stop this for now. You have the highlights and, oh yes, today was another sunny one.

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