Cool, Dude!

Contrary to my recent habits of sleeping in, I was up early (for me) and I stayed up. Since I have to perform bending over duties in the morning before I eat (and, even then, I have reflux), I emptied the dishwasher of the clean dishes that had been in there since Saturday night. Among other things.

The rheumatologist’s nurse called me and said they hadn’t received the results of my blood work. She advised me to contact the lab, which I did. The lab tech switched me over to medical records. I left voice mail and was called back within a few minutes. Medical records doesn’t scan the results into the system any more but she said she’d look them up and fax the results to all three ordering doctors. I told her I’d like to divorce some of them and she laughed. Honestly, I’m getting tired of the ologists.

The weather has cooled off. High in the valley was only 57. I got the blanket out of its package and am currently enjoying it while sitting in my chair. I took the throw I’ve been using here and put it on my bed. I’d wished for more cover last night so now I have it.

This morning, the Interloper showed up to be fed. It’s taken up residence in the chair on the deck. I wish it would earn its keep by reducing the mouse population.

Speaking of mouse population, I was looking for something after my bath last night to clean the tub’s slow drain. I found a box with four packets of d-CON. I put one under the kitchen range and the other three where Mousie might be passing. Well, it scurried through today going right past the packets and didn’t take notice. When I get to town, I’m going to have to get something that’s more pro-active. I hate to do something in, but my house isn’t where it should be.

Besides napping in my chair today, there’s really not much else to report. I did try the Almond Nog and it’s strange. The soy variety does taste like regular eggnog, if not as rich, but the almond is too sweet and has an altogether different flavor. I posted on Silk’s Facebook page and was told to call their toll-free number to give feedback so I did. The woman is sending me a check for $3 and a coupon. I told her Cuz had brought it to me and the price on the carton is $1.79 but no matter. The refund will be $3. I’ll have to turn that over to Cuz.

It’s time I should be thinking about calling it and turning in. Good night, stay warm and have sweet dreams.

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