Night and Day, Day and Night

I seem to be getting them mixed up. This morning, I got up at a reasonable hour and took my morning meds. I went back to bed for a “little while” and ended up sleeping until around 11. Folks, I have got to get myself in gear and quit this!

It was so late, I knew the Catz would be congregated at the front door so I opened it and there were Cuz and the House Sitter! They came bearing gifts. There were four bags of Fordhook limas plus a carton of Silk almond nog.

While Cuz went back to the house, I gave the House Sitter a brief tour of her “new” computer. She was very pleased with the outcome. I’d tried to make things as easy as possible for her since she, admittedly, isn’t computer savvy.

As she left she tucked a $20 bill in my pocket.She and Cuz came back shortly. The HS collected the computer and accessories and they were on their way.

I guess Cuz fed the Catz because they haven’t been clamoring to eat.

There isn’t anything else of note to report. My sister seems to be perking up a bit. I’m sure she would rather not have an enforced period of leisure. The other sister is coping with a run-in with the dishwasher door. Thankfully, there was no skin tear.

No word on the outcome of my blood work. I called two offices today and left voice mail at one and a message at the other but haven’t heard back.

Today was beautiful. Rain is likely tomorrow. Seems to be a pattern.

A coughing episode is taking over my life so I’ll end this here.

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