Christmas Eve 2015

Last night was intense. The flashes of lightning and crashes of thunder were almost right together. The storm was directly overhead and the rain fell in torrents. There was no question about the vent cap still being off. The top of the range was good’n wet. Today, I learned one man from my county was killed when the road he was traveling had washed away. His vehicle wound up at the bottom. A man who was in another vehicle made it out by breaking through the rear window. Somewhere, I read rainfall totaled 6″ but I can’t find it now. There were flash flood warnings out for today. It’s been changed to a watch tonight.

Wunderground showed storms tracking right at me. There were garden-variety storms and mesocyclones. Thankfully, there were no tornadoes reported in this area. Unseasonably warm weather spawns a lot of unsavory events.

For a wonder, the sun came out this afternoon. It was a most welcome sight. The temperature here at home got up to 70 degrees. In the valley, the high was 75. It’s 64 outside now. When I took my bath, the bathroom was so warm, it felt like summer. The humidity was so high, it was stifling. I had to come out to the living room to get away from it.

I haven’t been brave enough to go to the mailbox. Anything in it is probably soaked. The family has been sending ecards and one of my nieces apologized. I told her I prefer ecards. I don’t have to regretfully discard them plus they save the senders money and, as a bonus, ecards don’t kill trees.

This is my former prisoner friend’s first Christmas on the outside for many a year. I know he’s enjoying it. For weeks, he’s been posting animated gifs on Facebook. Most of them are snow scenes. I’m sorry but this year, that’s the only snow he’s going to see at Christmas. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 72.

Well, I had two invitations for get-togethers tonight. One I turned down and the other, I said I had plans. I did. I planned to stay home. It isn’t fun to go anywhere any more and cough my way through the evening.

When Twinkle died, I figured I could go places and do things I hadn’t been able to. If I wanted, I could leave home and stay elsewhere for a week. Not likely. Nowhere else but hospitals and nursing homes have the kind of bed I need to sleep in. I’ll wait until after the first of the year and then I’ll make it my goal to Get Something Done.

The Santa Tracker says the current location is Boston. There are lots of children who are having trouble sleeping tonight. I remember how it was. I don’t get excited any more.

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  1. Terry in the keys December 25, 2015 at 11:22 pm #

    Merry Christmas Tommie! Glad youre alright after last nights storms!

    • Tommie December 26, 2015 at 11:16 pm #

      A late Merry Christmas to you, too! Those were some rip-roaring ones!

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