Four More Days

And the rain is back. If the Weather Guessers are right, it’s here to stay for the next week, at least. Four days from now, it’s supposed to be in the 70s with a 40% chance of rain. If anyone wants a white Christmas, it will have to be somewhere else because it ain’t gonna be here.

Last night, I failed to mention that DD and I had our weekly visit. We were on the phone for just about an hour but we weren’t talking all that time. I had to take breaks to cough.

Today was my annual (sort of) wellness appointment with my PCP. It’s one doctor visit I can look forward to. I actually enjoy going to see him.

The rain had slacked off so I didn’t need to use an umbrella to get from the car to the office. I was there a few minutes early but it was a good 45 minutes past my appointment time when my vitals had been checked and the doctor walked in the door to the exam room.

“You look good,” he said. Then he listened to my lungs and said I still have crackles. Well, yes! I haven’t had stem cell therapy to regenerate my lung tissue so that’s to be expected. He did say my heart sounds good.

We talked and I asked him about the doctor who does the TIF. Yes, he’s good. He refers patients to him. That was encouraging.

There was more talk and he admonished me to have my eyes checked. He ordered lab work and I added an order from the rheumatologist and pulmonologist to the stack.

He advised me to keep the oxygen on hand in case I need it so I will. After more talk and his ordering a refill for one of my prescriptions, I was on my way to the hospital to get my outpatient work done.

It was strange to walk up to the double doors and have them open automatically. They were being installed when I was discharged in March but this was the first time I walked through them.

Little had changed in the office. It was still multi-tasking. Three of “my” girls were working and I met my successor as I was on my way out. She’s quit dyeing her hair and gray really looks good on her. She still has a young-looking face so it doesn’t make her look older.

The lab has grown to take in two of the rooms, one where mammography used to be and the other was the report room. I proved hard to stick today. They used a butterfly which was the second time ever. Three vials were drawn plus I had an ABG. It took two people to get the initial samples and a third veteran tech took over to do the ABG.

I had wished I had the doctor order an A1C, too. I asked for a vitamin D check but I didn’t see it on the order. My TSH hadn’t been checked for over a year so that was priority. Until he gets the results of that back, he won’t order a refill of my thyroid med.

When that was over, it was time for my 6 minute walk. The respiratory therapist was called and she, literally, put me through my paces. I don’t think the pulse ox was picking up my O2 sat accurately because I didn’t feel as short of breath as it was indicating I should be.

It still wasn’t raining when I left. I’d thought I’d go see Genese before I vacated the area but I hadn’t eaten in case I had fasting labs (I didn’t). I went to the store and looked at glow-in-the-dark green bananas and didn’t buy any. I did get a couple of frozen desserts and two 8 lub bags of oranges for $4.99 each. I’d been wishing I could get Mrs. Smith’s pies and the Pig had them. HOWEVER, they all contain milk and (would you believe it?) the apple pie contains milk and EGGS??

The Catz were waiting for me when I got home. The mailbox had held a padded envelope from Humana so the critters had to wait until I satisfied my curiosity. It’s an A1C kit — a do it yourself-er. My nurse friend has offered to prick my finger if I can’t manage it myself. With my tremor, I’m liable to poke myself in the eye. I guess it’s just as well I didn’t remember to ask the doctor to add that to the lab work.

I’d gone on the Mother Ship’s Facebook page and asked about the TIF. I have an answer and the answer is no. Strange that they are so far behind. I guess I’ll get a referral to the surgeon who has privileges at a different hospital. I would have preferred having surgery where all of my records are.

After I unloaded the car and put things away, I ate one of my two remaining bananas, half an avocado, a few chips and some chocolate chips. Oh, and I had a bit of apple crisp with holiday nog. That’s the sum total of my intake today. Besides water.

Tonight, there are lots of children who are all atwitter with anticipation. The closer The Day gets, the more excited they will be. It used to be I didn’t understand how people would say it’s “just another day”. Now, I’m not so sure.

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