It Won’t Be Long Now

The last Democratic debate of 2015 will begin shortly so I’m going to hurry and see if I can get this done before it starts.

Yesterday, I called the gastro’s office and asked the nurse to check to see if any of the surgeons there do the TIF. She said she would and she’d get back in touch with me. That was early enough in the day for her to find out (I thought) but I have yet to hear.

Friday was as Friday usually is. I won’t go through all I did because it would be the litany of every Friday.

This morning, I got up when the timer timed and turned on the oven. The temperature outside was in the 20s and it was 61 in the house. I went back to bed for about 20 minutes but that wasn’t long enough for the air out from under the cover to be a whole lot warmer.

When I looked out, it was obvious it was cold. The car was covered with a thick layer of frost. I put on my coat to feed the Catz.

People were already at church when I got there. The elder who was supposed to have the sermon had thrown out his back on Thursday and he still wasn’t able to stand or walk. I asked the head deacon what was going to happen and he said we’d have a DVD. Oh, no! I haven’t had much luck with hearing when they had to go that route.

At the appointed time, I went up and started playing the meditation music. We had the second song service with the song leader picking out all of the songs (it was the same for the first one). I miss having the congregation participation but that’s me. I guess everyone else likes having someone else pick out the songs for them.

The announcements were next. Since there was no elder there, the head deacon had to take over and conduct the service and he did a good job. Then came “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” and the platform people gathered in the foyer as usual.

In keeping with the season, I played “There’s a Song in the Air”. Twice. Then I repeated the last two lines. No one opened the door. I fiddled around on the organ, improvising. Nothing. So…I looked at the next song. “Go, Tell It On the Mountain” didn’t seem a very good choice to play since it isn’t something to be played softly. “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” was the next song and also the opening song but I figured I’d practice a little and started playing it softly.

What happened next still has me puzzled. The Computer Owner aka the Newlywed (and also the song leader for the day) came up to the platform and announced the opening song. I was still supposed to play the introit and the invocation is after that and THEN the opening song. There was nothing for me to do, though, but go along with her. I think it took the platform people by surprise, too, since they finally hesitantly filed in to the strains of the Christmas carol.

The rest of the service was as usual and, for a wonder, I was able to hear the DVD sermon okay.

There was a guest meal but I’m not a guest so I came on home.

I’ve dozed off a couple of times this afternoon. I should’ve given in and taken a nap since I’ll probably be up late tonight.

Well, that’s about it. Until the data breach, I was thinking the debate would be much quieter than the GOP with Jeb and the Donald. Even with that, I don’t think the three can outdo the nine, anyway. If nothing else, there are three times the voices with the GOP.

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