A Research Kind of Day

There were two phone calls today — one was a reminder about my appointment with my PCP. The other was letting me know the gastro had been unable to locate anyone who could the impedance study so the next step is referring me to a surgeon. I’m to think it over and get back in touch with them.

While I had the messenger on the phone, I asked if it would be a fundoplication. She conferred with someone and came back. Yes. HMMmm. Not my favorite answer.

Looking up the stats and the outlook isn’t that good for the one usually performed. I watched videos on youtube made by people who’d had the procedure and they weren’t encouraging, either.

Emailing the family and two friends who are like family, I explained what I was facing. I asked them to pray for me that I would make the right decision.

I went to my nurse friend in a private message on Facebook and told her what was going on. She found a site for the TIF (Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication) (say that fast three times) and thought it was preferable since it’s less invasive. She advised me to get in touch with the doctor who used to do surgery at our little hospital and see what he thought.

Going back to Facebook, I contacted him via private message. I didn’t hear anything back, though the little check mark told me he’d seen what I’d written. I posted the link and told him our mutual friend had sent it to me. He replied, “Looks promising. In general fundoplication works and is a safe procedure.”

Here’s something I was able to find on youtube regarding a patient’s experience with the TIF.

At 5:48, I looked at myself still in my ratty housecoat and the bed that was unmade and decided it was too late to rectify either of the two. I’m hanging up my research credentials until another time and I’m going to do elsewise.

My sister’s visit to the doctor didn’t net any new information. She’s to go back after the first of the year. In the meantime, she’s dependent on help to do just about anything.

The Catz have been fed. They were making a terrible fuss a little before dark. You would have thought they hadn’t gotten their morning allotment but they had. When I went out to fill the bowls, there was a chill in the air that reminded me that, yes, it really is December.

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