Post GOP Debate Wrap-up

Even though it was advertised to start at 8, it was well after that things got underway. I got in on a little of the “kid’s table” even though I hadn’t intended to.

The candidates filed onstage and listened with hands over hearts as (Mother would have said) the singer butchered the National Anthem. I wish they’d get someone to sing, just once, who would do it straight out. I’m not one to enjoy hearing an “interpretation” of it.

During the 30 second introductions, everyone seemed to think we would know who they were and, by this time, we probably should. That is, unless someone is living under a rock s/he wouldn’t know.

The topic of the evening, fittingly enough, was security/terrorism. There was a lot of bickering that went on and Chris Christie called the bickerers out and said that everyone’s eyes were probably glazing over like his were. He referred to the debates on the Senate floor as being similar.

Ben Carson was his usual soft-spoken self but he seemed to think that killing children was preferable to their “dying by a thousand pricks”. I don’t know if that’s what he meant but it’s what it sounded like.

Carpet-bombing was Cruz’ answer to getting rid of ISIS. That means there would no doubt be collateral damage, too.

The target Jeb Bush chose was the Donald. Jeb informed Donald that he couldn’t insult his way to the presidency and that watching “the shows” was how he got his knowledge of foreign affairs. The Donald mostly just looked at him. Ted Cruz said The Wall is a good idea and he’d get Trump to build it. T said he’d do it.

Marco and Ted got into it frequently and, to me, Ted didn’t come off very well. He stumbled on a lot of his answers but Marco pretty much kept his cool and, when he spoke, he did it as if he knew what he was talking about.

John Kasich and Rand Paul showed up. As far as I was concerned, they didn’t have a whole lot of new light to shed but Rand was prettier.

When she was called on, Carly had her answers down pat and referred to a Margaret Thatcher quote, though she didn’t get it exactly right.

Margaret Thatcher

When she wasn’t called on, she tried to butt in and came off sounding shrill and desperate. (If the Donald can be called “bombastic”, I can say she was “shrill”, right?) At one time or another, most of the debaters had to be warned and admonished they’d agreed to play by the rules.

Someone sniped at Chris Christie about the bridge and that shut him up for a bit.

Several times, it was a free-for-all and poor Wolf had the job of trying to bring order out of chaos. What do you expect, though, with nine people all vying for first place?

As for whether they all knew what they were talking about all the time, you can check out CNN’s fact-checking page. It’s pretty interesting.

There was a lot of Obama- and Hillary-trashing but that was to be expected. After all, they’re the opposition.

Except for the times the feed froze and once when I went to the bathroom and didn’t get back before the commercials ended, I saw the whole thing. Then I watched the interviews and panel discussions. I know the people on those panels are smarter than I am or they wouldn’t be where they are but, sometimes, I wondered if we’d watched the same debate.

Everything debate-related was over at 1 a.m. so it was definitely past my bedtime.

When the doorbell rang this morning, it was Cuz. I was just getting around to eating breakfast. She took out the trash when she left and I gave her the program for the Computer Owner’s wedding to give to her sister. The Catz had already been fed. I let her know I was halfway through the 30 lub bag she’d left a few weeks ago.

It’s been a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Rain is supposed to move back in tonight. There’s even a slight chance of thunderstorms. And the Wii had snowflakes this morning. It’s supposed to get cooler but the only precip that’s predicted is rain.

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