After a private message on Facebook, I told my nurse friend that I would shoot myself today. She asked me if I was sure. Of course! I have a 30 ml vial now. It was those teeny tiny 1 ml vials that gave me so much trouble.

Before I got to it, I drank my water, took my meds, fed the Catz (two of them are Kittenz but they are getting big enough to qualify as Catz) and do my Body Test with the Wii. BTW, yesterday, Cuz came in while I was doing my test. On the Prediction Test, I zigged when I should’ve zagged so I tested at, like, 46. Today, I was back to 20.

After washing my hands well, I got out all of the paraphernalia and laid it out on a clean paper towel. I cleaned the top of the vial, and followed the rest of the steps to draw up 1 ml into the syringe. No problem, at all. Sure, I still had my tremor. It didn’t go away but it didn’t keep me from doing what I needed to do. The size of the vial and the amount of the goosh in it made all the difference. Praise the Lord that the large vials are available again!

There was a tiny drop of blood when I pulled the needle out. When the nurse does it in my arm, there’s no blood. She thinks I don’t have any and that’s why she never sees it. I probably inflict more of an injury than she does. At any rate, the deed is done.

As planned, DD called but it surprised me because it was much earlier than I thought it would be. We talked for most of an hour. She told me about going to pick up her SO’s car. It does just fit into the garage. He might not have needed to fold the side mirrors back but I guess it was a matter of better safe than sorry. The car has summer-type tires so they’re hoping for good weather until the new wheels arrive. He has winter tires already so when the wheels come in, it’s off to Costco to get them put on. I don’t know if they’re studded or not. My sister used to have studded tires put on her car every fall and taken off in the spring. There are lots of hills in Seattle and the surrounding area so they’re a must for safe driving.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. If she were still living, she would be turning 79. It’s strange to think she’s gone. I’ve kept all of her emails from when I started with gmail on to the last one she ever sent. It’s so sad to read the one describing the rash she’d found because that was the beginning of the end. It was just because of that, I paid cash for the shingles shot. No one should go through what she did.

I’ve spent some time researching tomorrow night’s GOP debate on CNN. It will be streamed free online on their home page starting at 6 EST for the “kid’s table” and then to the debate with all nine candidates at 8 EST. Then, Saturday night, the Democrat debate will be streamed on ABC. Those will be the last for 2015. But, stay tuned. 2016 is right around the corner.

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