Here Comes the Bride

There were no bumps and thumps on the deck so I looked out before I scooped the food. There were no Catz in sight but, just as I suspected, there was a vehicle in Cuz’ driveway.

By and by, Cuz came over and we caught up on what had been happening since she was here last. DS1 called for a conversation so she left us to it. The House Sitter was on her computer but she came over before they left. She was asking me about where Cuz’ sister and her husband go to church and, by the time we gave up, she had me confused. Cuz came back and they left shortly thereafter.

I had a private message on Facebook that my nurse friend wouldn’t be able to shoot me tomorrow. I told her not to worry about it. I can do it myself.

It was getting on toward time to be getting ready to go to the wedding when DD called. I hated to put her off but I really needed to get going.

The parking lot was full when I got to the church. I had to park on the grass on the other side of the street. When I got inside, the church wasn’t as full as I thought from the number of cars.

Music was provided by a talented pianist. She kept looking quizzically at the door leading from the foyer. I knew how she felt. She stretched the pieces she was playing and (I figured) hoped for someone to appear. Finally, she was able to play the music for the men to go to the platform.

Then it was a waiting game for the bride and her attendants. I’d moved over to the back row to sit with a friend. Her granddaughter came in, strewing rose petals. She looked so pretty in her frilly dress.

Next came the maid of honor. I didn’t recognize her. Then it was time for the pianist to launch into the Bridal Chorus. The bride walked down the aisle by herself. She was dressed in a rose-colored outfit and her hair (which she usually has tucked up in a bun) was down around her shoulders.

There was more music and then the couple recited their favorite Bible verses. Between that and the vows, the bride and the pianist sang “Day by Day” as a duet. After the unity candle, the preacher presented the couple. Oh, there was kissing in there, too. The pianist played the Wedding March and they went out.

My friend and I were close to be last out the door. I shook the groom’s hand and hugged the bride. Making my way to the reception, most of the tables were taken but I found a place to light. I visited with friends and got permission from the Cavalry’s wife to post the video she took of the bell choir.

From our church service this morning… Heritage Academy Bell Choir.

Posted by JoanieAndy Crosby on Saturday, December 12, 2015

One of my friends was surprised I didn’t play the organ. I told her I wasn’t asked but I don’t “do” weddings, anyway. I play for funerals. She laughed but it’s true. When my mother’s generation was still living, I was the musician for all of the funerals. I either played, sang, or did both. Not long after that revelation, I came home.

There was an email from DD that her SO’s car had come in so they were going to pick it up. When she got back, it was too late to call so we’ll talk tomorrow.

I’ve had more emails from Amazon, but this time they were good news. The rep was able to refund the amounts in full so that should be it. There are two other items that are out of stock. Hopefully, they’ll stay that way and won’t be shipped. If they are, I’ll refuse them.

The hour grows late and I’m not getting any younger, myself. It’s time to bid a fond adieu to one and all and sign off.

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  1. Peach December 14, 2015 at 6:04 pm #

    I must have missed something, who got married?

    I posted on the forum for prayers, I know you don’t go there much.

    • Tommie December 14, 2015 at 6:24 pm #

      The Computer Owner and her KISA (Knight in Shining Armor).

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out.

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