And the List Goes On

Yesterday was so nice. I didn’t have any dealings with Amazon. Well, let me qualify that. I’d chatted with a rep on Thursday night because my refund had been reduced by return shipping. Myra got it straightened out and refunded the balance. She said she’d put it in notes so the next rep I chatted with would have it to reference. Later, I started clearing out my subscription list and I didn’t get to bed until 2 a.m. So…I guess I did have dealings with them on Friday.

Once I did get up and going, I had a productive day. I got all of the helps done and uploaded. Just as I figured, it was tricky switching the way I usually do things but I figured it out. Then I did all the Friday chores plus I fed numerous Catz twice.

Last night, I set the timer as usual. This morning, I got up and was out the door early. I’d have time to practice some before Sabbath School. Uh, NO. When I got to the church, the bus from the academy that replaced Little Creek was parked beside the church. Once inside, I saw that the tables for the bell choir had been set up across the front and the one at the side effectively blocked the way to the organ. The cases with the bells were beside the table so the only way to get to the organ was over, under or ‘WAY around. I elected not to do any of the three.

When time came for the song service, there were maybe a half dozen of us there. The audio guy kept saying, “This is embarrassing. This is embarrassing.” Actually, it was normal. Many times the first song service starts with “two or three gathered together”.

The pianist got there and I told her I nominated the person already at the piano to play for the services. Whatever her name was, she played beautifully and, it turned out, she was willing to step up and do it. It was a relief for me to sit back and be part of the congregation and I think the pianist felt the same way.

It occurred to me that, while our service is pretty standard, the visiting musician still needed some input from me so I made her a cheat sheet on a bulletin, then had to add to it a couple of times as I thought of things. One thing I failed to tell her was that she would need to be prepared to play through a song 42 times while the children took up what used to be called the Lamb’s Offering. She played it and stopped while the kids were still roaming the aisles but that was okay.

The music was all beautiful. There was the bell choir and two singing groups. Several of the young people gave short talks. I’d wondered how my hearing aids would react to the bells but they did fine. I had to lower the treble but that was all. When the piano was accompanying the singers, I had to change it to the setting where it drastically cuts the volume but that’s as usual. The only thing that would have made it complete would have been if the bells had played my favorite, “Masters in this Hall”.

The bell choir at DD’s alma mater played that and it was gorgeous! Theirs was one of the best bell choirs I’ve ever heard, though.

The crowd stayed for haystacks but I came home. I had some leftover “egg salad” and broccoli. I chopped some celery and added it to the salad for a nice crunch.

This afternoon, I watched “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors”. I hope my sisters caught it on Thursday night on NBC. It’s a really good movie and is a true story. It expires on January 5 but you can catch it here if you hurry. For my sisters’ benefit, there’s closed captioning.

An email came from Amazon today informing me of yet another reduced refund. Tonight, I got on chat and Trisha helped me. I referred her to the notes and she has requested a refund of the shipping. Then she told me she would take care of the others as they came in. That’s three more. I hope that’s true. I’m tired of spending so much effort getting this mess straightened out. Of course, if there’s a famine, I can eat grits and oats for a long time to come.

The news from my sister is mixed. She has a brace on her left wrist and the right wrist is still splinted. Someone gave her some large straws that she’s able to “drink” applesauce and such through. Home Health is to evaluate her and see if she qualifies. I don’t see how she won’t. It’s certain she needs help.

Tomorrow is supposed to be mostly sunny and in the mid-70s. That should bode well for the Computer Owner’s nuptials. And may be rest of her life be as pleasant.

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