Done and Done

It was so cloudy, I overslept. Again. The rain had been predicted for Sunday but it decided to change the Weather Guessers’ minds and come in today. I don’t think it did much. WeatherBug shows .01″ for the valley. That’s hardly enough to measure. From the look of the forecast, the Computer Owner and her KISA (Knight in Shining Armor) should have a nice day for the nuptials on Sunday.

By rights, I should be blind by now. I have looked at this computer screen for hours today. I’d promised to get the large file of 13 lessons plus the introduction proofed by tomorrow but I went ahead and finished it today. Once I get on a roll, I don’t like to stop. The tricky part was adding the links for the helps. If there was a quotation in the first section of any of the lessons, I learned I had to go to the source and put the link in. Otherwise, it would land at the beginning of the first paragraph. Every time I found a lesson without a quote on Sabbath Afternoon, I breathed a prayer of thanks. It was tricky keeping the lesson numbers straight, too, so I could create the links to point to the right helps file. I know none of this makes sense to anyone but me and a very few others so I’ll go on.

The bulletin secretary sent me PDFs instead of documents so I had to ask her for the right files. She sent me a document for the bulletin and a PDF for the additional announcements so the result looked very strange when I merged them. I didn’t have the time or inclination to reformat the announcements. It won’t prove lethal to anyone but I hate to send something out that isn’t the best I can do. I like to be a “work(wo)man that need not be ashamed.”

Thinking my dealings with Amazon were going to go smoothly from here on was a fantasy. I got an email tonight telling me my refund for one of the items was reduced by the shipping amount since it was not due to Amazon’s error. Say WHAT?? I chatted with Myra and, after a half hour back and forth, she agreed to refund the shipping and said she’d put a note in for the next rep to do the same — when I contact them. So…there goes another couple hours of my life. I’m going to clear out my subscription list and start over.

Tomorrow, I’ll work on the helps and, hopefully, get them done. It’s going to be strange since I usually get them done first and then the lessons but I guess this old dog will have to learn a new trick.

I haven’t heard from my sister. Thinking about calling started me on a coughing spree. It’s no wonder I don’t like talking on phones. It’s hard to hear and coughing makes it hard to talk. I’m hoping and praying that there’s been some improvement.

The hour grows late and I need to heat the water for the bottle. It sure does help to keep my poor old feet warm. Cuz has suggested taking it to church and I may just do that one of these Sabbaths.

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