I Ain’t a Nightowl

Amazon had more than enough time to get back to me. I checked my message center and nothing showed up in my “sent” messages. I emailed again. This time, I saved the information in Notepad so I’d have some kind of a record. Later, I checked the message center. My second message had gone out somewhere in LaLaLand because nothing showed up.

It was getting late but I felt I had to get something settled about that big box sitting close to the front door. I went through all the red tape one must to get to where I could contact somebody. This time, I elected to chat rather than email. I was put in touch with Joan, though the person identified herself as “Porscha”.

I went through the whole nine yards about how I’d canceled two subscriptions, then skipped the rest except for two items which had been delivered last Friday. Since I couldn’t select all of the items, I’d clicked on the maple syrup. However, I had all of the order numbers and I gave them to Porscha. No problem. She would issue a pickup with UPS and I would be refunded for everything I hadn’t ordered. I could refuse the two shipments that were still in transit. That was good news and I went to bed about 1 a.m.

After I’d been up for a while, I filled the container with cat food and opened the door. There were no Catz congregated. I looked next door and there was a vehicle parked in the driveway. No wonder I didn’t have any visitors! They’d been fed. Cuz came over later and we had a good conversation. The House Sitter was paying bills online and didn’t know Cuz had left the house.

Later, UPS My Choice gave me a “heads up” on Facebook that a label had been created and the package would be picked up. That put a smile on my face until…I looked more closely. The label was for a small box weighing 3.50 lubs. No way was that the huge box sitting on the floor on the other end of the living room. I looked up the info on it and it weighed 38.3 lubs.

Going through the steps again, I finally got to Yirlany. Now, I don’t know if that was a she or a he and it really doesn’t matter. Anyway, That Person confirmed the label wasn’t for the huge box but only the maple syrup. S/he went through all of the items in the order-that-wasn’t-supposed-to-be and said there were three of them that shouldn’t be sent back. I was to hold out the Bob’s Red Mill grits, the organic oats and the candied ginger. The rest would have to be returned item by item but I’d be refunded for everything.

By that time, one of the in-transit packages had come but I hadn’t seen the FedEx guy so I couldn’t refuse it. S/he would create a return label for that package, too. The labels are supposed to have the items’ info on them so each can go on the correct package. There were a couple of things I had to box up, myself, but it was no biggie.

When the UPS guy got here, I refused the second package and gave him the package with the maple syrup. Two down and four to go. I explained to him he would have more labels tomorrow and showed him the packages they are to go on. I’ve written the contents on the boxes so we should be able to get them all right. This mix up kept me busy a lot of the day.

Other than that, I proofed another lesson. The editor emailed this evening that we are supposed to go live a week from today. I’ve made it my goal to have the 13 lessons proofed by Friday.

DS1 texted today wanting to know if my smart phone has a sim card. I told him yes and it boiled down to he wondered if I’d want his S2. I wish he’d thought about it before I spent money on a charger. We’re going to talk about it, anyway.

My sister went to the orthopedist as planned and had to have the bone reset. No cast yet but a smaller splint. Her left wrist has a small fracture, as well. She can feed herself, somewhat, with her left hand but, like me, that’s where her most pronounced tremor is. Friends are helping out as much as they can but they are looking to get Home Health for her, as well. It’s amazing how quickly our lives can change.

ZDNet sent out a bulletin about Windows updates. Some of them were critical and I don’t like to let those things go until “Patch Tuesday” so I went ahead and ran update. When I did, I found there was an upgrade for Windows 10, too, so now I’m running the latest version. I haven’t noticed a lot that’s different but what I have, I’ve liked. I didn’t like it that Asus installed a touchpad update that made it impossible to disable it. I reinstalled the Elan driver and everything is back to normal.

A few times a day, I click on Google News but, lately, I wonder why. It’s so depressing and the only thing I can do about it is pray. Even Facebook is getting ugly — again. As soon as one row dies down, another crops up.

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