UPS Calling

The morning dawned with a thick layer of clouds covering the sun. I’d gotten up early to take my meds and went back to bed and back to sleep. The time I woke again will forever remain a secret.

The day was pretty much routine until the doorbell rang this afternoon. It was a UPS delivery except the person holding the package was Cuz! It was a complete surprise to see her standing there. She’d brought the House Sitter to pick up more totes from storage. She’s to go through all of them before Cuz will take her back to Florida. From what Cuz has said, she may be here this time next year.

While we were visiting, the phone rang. It was the nurse from the rheumatologist’s office. My lab results were back and everything was good…except. The ANA was negative and all of the other letters were within normal limits but my potassium is elevated. I’m to have that repeated. In the meantime, I’m not to take any supplements that have potassium in them. Cuz has admonished me not to worry about it and stop Googling. Of course, I have to Google. I found that an elevated level of potassium can be caused by the rupture of cells in the sample when the actual level is normal. That’s why a repeat is advised.

After Cuz left, I looked at everything I take and nothing has added potassium so I’m okay there. I asked the nurse to send me a copy of my labs and she said she would. She was also faxing them to my PCP and told me to follow up with him. I’d planned to see him before the end of the year, anyway, so this kind of seals the deal.

This evening, I watched the movie, “Philomena” which is based on a true story. It’s very interesting but sad.

Something that’s even sadder is another senseless shooting. I don’t know what the answer is but I wish someone would find it soon. Andy Borowitz writes news satire for the New Yorker but his article from November 6 is pretty much on target.

The rain decided to take a break and the sun was able to peek through the clouds this afternoon. It was a welcome sight. With the clearing skies comes cooler weather. It’s down to 40 now and it isn’t supposed to get much warmer than that tomorrow. I guess I can’t expect it to stay balmy much longer, anyway.

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