Supprise, Supprise, Supprise

First, my nurse friend sent me a private message on Facebook. She had to go to Chatt Town so she couldn’t do my injection until tomorrow. A bit of a surprise but that was okay. I’d skipped last week’s shot because of the heat issue so I figured I could wait one more day.

I had to go to town. The deadline to get the sticker for my license plate was today. It’s what I do every year — I put it off until the last minute.

All showered and dressed, I made my way through the rain to the car. I’d put a little original verse on Facebook.

Oh! The weather outside is yucky
And it’s only fit for Ducky
But as long as I have to go
Let us row, let us row, let us row!

I did dread getting out in it but there was nothing else to do but go. I’d missed multiple opportunities when the weather was nice. I had no one to blame but myself.

Pulling up at the mailbox, it was open and the contents were pretty much soaked. There was a catalog to someone I’d never heard of so I circled the number and put it back in the box. The other piece of mail was my electric/water bill. When I opened it, I thought, “They’ve changed colors for the statements!” The usual color is green on white. This one was pink on white.

I unfolded it to see, in large letters, something to the effect of “The attached bill is overdue. If the balance isn’t paid within 30 days, your service will be disconnected. A reconnect fee of $30 will be charged to restore service.” WHAT??!! I have never never never been late with a payment since I’ve lived here. Even when I was paying by check, I always sent it in well before the deadline. For several years, I’ve had it paid by bank draft. Something must’ve happened to interrupt it.

There was a pea-souper fog on my way down the mountain. A truck had been ahead of me when I could see. When I got in the thick of it, I slowed ‘way down so I wouldn’t come up on it too fast and rear-end it. It took much longer than usual to get to town.

My first stop was at the courthouse annex to get the sticker for my license plate. I left, $60 poorer. I felt a bit distracted as I made my way to the car.

Next, I swung by what used to be the old post office. It had been years since I’d been there. It’s now where a person goes to pay utility bills. There was only one window open out of the four and I sat down to wait. The woman was on the phone and was, evidently, getting an earful. She was smiling and nodding and making agreeable noises. Finally, she was able to get a word in and politely end the conversation.

When it was my turn, I slid the bill across the counter and asked for an explanation. The person who prints the bills had used the wrong paper (which must govern the message printed at the top, too) and was humortified. The statements were in the process of being reprinted and would be sent out. My payment would be drafted, as usual, and I had nothing to worry about.

Dodging the water running down the street next to the curb, I got in the car and headed for Walmart. A slow rain was still falling as I headed from the parking lot into the store.

Stopping at the beauty shop, I asked the girl who came to greet me if she were Heather. Yes. She had cut my hair once before and did a pretty decent job of it plus Cuz had told me to ask for her. I told her I needed a haircut so she showed me to her chair and I settled in.

I’d shampooed my hair this morning and didn’t put any “product” on it so it was clean. She liberally sprayed it with water and asked me how I wanted it cut. I told her I wanted it close in the back and blended. The last time, it was chopped off and I wanted it evened, cut up over my ears, etc., etc.

She started cutting and, when she got through, asked me how it was. It was still soaking wet so I really couldn’t tell much. I looked at the length on the top and figured it would be okay. She asked if I wanted her to blow it dry. How much would that be? $3. No. I’d be durned if I’d pay $3 for somebody to dry my hair.

When I went to the register, I told her I had a coupon. I’d looked it up this morning and made sure I could find it in my purse. I handed it to her. A haircut is regularly $15.50. The coupon was for $9.99. Quite a saving. She read the fine print and informed me it was expired. The date on it was 09/30/2015. I’d thought, for all the world, that it was still good. She tried it to see if it would go through, anyway, but it didn’t. That kinda cut down on her tip. I added $1 and felt cheap.

Me and my wet head walked around and gathered up all of the things I needed — which wasn’t much. When I checked out, the total was $20.01. My haircut cost almost that much. I dug a dollar out of my purse and gave it to the Salvation Army bell ringer as I left.

Driving over to the road that would take me up the mountain, I felt my hair. It is much longer in the back than I wanted it and there are stray hairs over my ears. If the weather had been better, I would have gone back.

The rain had tapered off for a little while and I was able to bring the things in without wrestling with the umbrella, too.

I fed the Catz and went in to take a look at my hair in the mirror (where else?). I have some places in the back that insist on curling when they’re longer than I like. If they curled the other way, it would be okay but they look ugly. I picked up the phone, called the shop and Heather answered the phone. I told her the problems with the haircut and she sounded a little deflated. The next time I’m down, she’ll fix it. I’ll call to make sure she’s there before I go.

Walking around with a wet head got me thoroughly chilled. I’ve begun to warm up. It isn’t cold in the house so I’m sure I’ll be okay tonight.

I’m tireder than I should be. I guess I don’t do “supprises” very well any more.

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  1. Mary Jane December 1, 2015 at 2:54 pm #

    Glad your electricity threat was a mistake, but sorry your haircut was!

    • Tommie December 1, 2015 at 3:05 pm #

      They’re both supposed to be fixed.

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