Thanksgiving Eve 2015

There was no blog post last night because there was no Internet access. Yesterday morning, it went down. It’s done it before and come back up in a minute or two so I wasn’t concerned. However, the down time stretched on and on. I unplugged the gateway (combo modem and router) and left it unplugged for some minutes. When I plugged it back up, all the lights came on except for the service light.

As promised, Cuz and my CIL came over and worked on the tub. They were able to fix the leak without having to resort to extreme measures. I took a bath for the first time in days of having to take showers. It surely was nice!

I’d gone over to Cuz’ house so I could visit with the family and meet Boo-Boo, the House Sitter’s cat. I’d pictured said cat as a gray long hair and quite large (since I’d been told she was overweight). She’s a tuxedo or bicolor cat and has short dense hair. When I went in, she’d hidden under the couch but Cuz lured her out with treats. According to what I’d heard and what I’ve been told later, she’s lost weight but she’s still plenty big.

When I got ready to leave, Cuz offered to take me to the car wash where she could get a signal on her cell phone so I could call AT&T. That’s what we did and, after 20 minutes with Support, I had an appointment set up for today. It was a four hour window of 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

In the afternoon, I spent some time on the next quarter’s lessons and got three of them proofed and ready to go. Thing is, it’s all one big file so I have to get the other 10 done before it can be labeled complete. Then I watched a couple of movies I’d been putting off seeing for a long time.

I’d planned to shoot myself in the leg but I couldn’t make that phone call to find out if the hours of being in 84 degree heat ruined the B12 goosh. I figure missing one shot won’t kill me.

Cuz came over earlier than usual and said that she planned to go to bed soon. I think the Florida trip had taken its toll.

Night before last, I had been awakened several times with leg cramps. One of the men at church had told me to eat salt whenever that happens. I’d tried it before with good success but I was so tired, I didn’t want to get up. It got so bad, though, I made myself get out of bed and lick a little Himalayan pink I sprinkled on the palm of my hand. The cramps stopped. I figured I’d sleep well last night and I did except for multiple trips to the bathroom. I usually go two or, possibly, three times a night now but it seemed to be every hour or so.

When I woke, it was 7:55. I wasn’t going to be presentable for that 8 o’clock appointment but I figured it would be unusual if the tech guy got here that early. I stayed in bed a little longer. i don’t know what I was doing when I heard a chime notifying me of breaking news (a Windows 10 thing) and I knew I was back in business.

I was was chatting with a rep trying to cancel the appointment when the doorbell rang. A large smiling man said that a line down the road had broken and he’d fixed it. I thanked him and let the chat person know. He told me about a place on the web site where I could troubleshoot problems but I’d have to have Internet access to use it. I told him it was a Catch-22. It made me feel old when he didn’t know what a Catch-22 was. Before I could tell him to Google it, he already had and thought it sounded interesting.

After breakfast, I spent the next several hours catching up on my devotions that I missed yesterday plus email and Facebook.

I made the call to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said the B12 is fine as long as it doesn’t change color or consistency. I’ll still wait until next week so I won’t double up on the dose.

Cuz didn’t come over until later this afternoon. She’d been on a call to hook up Christmas lights for a fellow who seems to have nothing better to do with his money than spend it on electricity. Her construction partner had installed a junction box just for the lights several years ago and the electric company put up a meter for them. Maybe the man would think my spending habits are silly, too. When she came over just at dark, I’d had supper and containerized the leftovers.

Christmas has been trying to come in since before Halloween. I’ve been putting it off but, after tomorrow, I guess it will be its turn. My friend who is out of prison for the first season in several has been posting Christmas gifs for weeks. For him, it’s great cause for celebration and I’m glad for him.

And now I’ll wish one and all a Happy Thanksgiving and leave you with the admonishment not to eat too much.

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  1. Lila November 26, 2015 at 11:12 am #

    And a very happy Thanksgiving to you!

    • Tommie November 26, 2015 at 11:23 am #

      Thank you! I smell apple pie.

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