A Day and a Half

Bedtime was before 11 last night. I knew I had to be up and getting ready to go in time to gas up the car before I headed for my appointment in Chattanooga. This time was the rheumatologist.

Lying in bed, I heard the clock strike this and that and finally 1 a.m. I dozed off but slept fitfully. I kept dreaming there were bags of groceries in the bed with me. There were three of them and I could have told you at the time what the contents were. Now, I don’t remember. Doesn’t matter, anyway. I went sound asleep a little after 3 and had some more reasonable dreams but they had me dressed in an outlandish outfit. Where DO they come from?

There’s no way on God’s green earth that I wanted to get up when the timer went off. I did so want to stay in bed and go back to sleep. I was sorely tempted to reschedule but I wanted to go and get it over with, too. With Cuz on her way back from Florida, it was up to me to go it alone and that was okay, too. I’m a big girl.

The temperature was 21 degrees. I went in the master bath and turned on the heat. By the time I was ready to shower, it was “up” to 54 degrees, I think.

There was still ice on the car when I went out to start it so it could warm up. I turned the defroster on high and the heat all the way up. The back window got the defrost treatment, too.

Cuz’ BIL had parked his truck smack-dab where I turn around. I managed to find my way out of the driveway without running into his vehicle.

I would have paid extra to get my gas pumped this morning but that isn’t a service most stations provide these days. The tank held 7.5 gallons and when I figured the mileage, I’ve gotten 36 mpg. Not as good as usual but not too bad, either.

As is my custom, I headed to the roof when I got to the Mother Ship. The ticketing gizmo is in operation so I filled out the back with my Healthlink info, my name and date of birth.

It was about 15 minutes early when I signed in for my 11:20 appointment. I filled out all the paperwork that’s required for each visit (they sure do kill a lot of trees to be “paperless) and commenced to wait. No, dear sister, I didn’t take a book to read. I was too wiped out to want to do anything but just BE.

Almost an hour later, I was called back, weighed, blood pressure was 106/64. I was shown to the exam room where I sat and waited some more. Finally, I had to give up and looked out to see if there were anyone in the patient bathroom. Yes, there was. When she finished, I went in and was much more comfortable after that.

The doctor came in and questioned me about everything that had happened since the last time I saw her. She looked up the results of my endoscopy and commented I was coughing my head off. I assured her it was what I live with on a daily basis.

She asked where the pulmonologist’s office is and was surprised he’s in the same building. She said he’d told her there was a Quest Lab across the hall from his office. She asked if I’d seen it. I told her I saw a bathroom across the hall but no lab. She filled out a requisition and gave me directions to the one that was sort of on the way home. At least it is on the way that Cuz takes but I usually go a different direction. She said that, based on the results of the tests, I was to either go back in three or six months.

As I left the parking garage, I took the lane that was supposed to have a person in the little office. It wasn’t blocked off but it was empty. Nothing for it but to drive on with my ticket still in hand. I’ll have to find out what I’m supposed to do since my Healthlink card guarantees free parking.

I found the lab with no problem. When I got to the lab, there was a sign on the door they’d be back at 1:40. It was 1:25. I sat down with the rest of the people who were already waiting. Thankfully, the woman came and unlocked the door a bit early.

There was the usual clipboard with a list of names so I added mine. Where’s the privacy in that? People were going in and coming out that had gotten there after I had. When the last one had left, I went to the window. Well, the woman had called my name but I hadn’t answered. I don’t know how she expected me to hear with glass walls enclosing the office.

Taking me back to the room where the vampires live, I was instructed to take off my coat. I did and sat in the chair that looks somewhat like an electric chair. She typed my info into the computer and printed off a slew of stickers. I was relieved when she put some of them on sheets of paper (more trees). She started collecting vials and I wondered if she’d ever stop.

She was quite expert at drawing my blood and soon had six vials full. She tightly taped the knot of gauze to my arm and I was ready to go.

I was adventurous and took a road I’d never been on to get to the Asian market. When I went in, I looked for fuyus but didn’t see any. I’m glad I got what I did when I did. They had pitaya (dragon fruit) but they are more for show than taste so I didn’t buy one.

Looking in the fruit and veggie freezer, I could smell durian but I didn’t see any. I finally went over and asked the man where it was. He smiled and moved some of the baskets in the freezer and there it was! The price sticker was partially torn off so I didn’t know how much it was. I put three packages in my cart, thought better of it and put one back. Then I went over and asked for the price. $9.95 for a lub package. I left one package in the cart and put the other one back. I added ginger root and a package of tofu to the durian and checked out. The durian will be a once in awhile treat. He did point out that the pods are a better deal than buying the whole fruit and I’d have to agree. It’s something like $2.49 a lub but most of it is waste.

I was going to go back to the road I’d left the way I came but I took the wrong exit. I got off, backtracked and ended up going the right direction.

ALDI had some good buys plus I stopped at Walmart and bought two more gallons of cashew milk at 2/$5. One of the bags of oranges had a soft one. I didn’t discover that until I got to the checkout. The woman took it back to get me another bag but said there wasn’t one. She gave me 50 cents off that bag and I took it. I’ll see if there’s any way to salvage the orange in the morning.

Cuz and the House Sitter were back and the truck was gone out of my driveway. I came in the house and was hit with a wall of HEAT. I’d failed to turn the oven off this morning and the temperature in the kitchen was 80 degrees. I unloaded the car and left the front door open. I turned on the a/c and the EcoBreeze and opened the bedroom door to let some cool air in.

The ladies came a’calling and Cuz asked if I had everything in. When I said yes, she closed the front door! I was in the kitchen and didn’t realize it.

The House Sitter looked all gussied up. It was the first time I’ve seen her with makeup. They’d started out at 5 this morning and got back a couple hours before I got home.

Cuz is going to work on the tub tomorrow. I told her about what I found as far as the fixtures are concerned. She’s going to see what it takes and, hopefully, be able to fix it for less than buying the whole new set.

My sister had told me she’d found Fordhook limas at the used food store. Cuz checked and found them at the one in town, too. What I’ve been buying is a one lub bag for $2.38. The others are a 20 ozzie bag for $1.69. The quality is the same so guess where I’ll be buying limas from now on?

I wasn’t here for my B12 shot this morning. I told the nurse I’ll shoot myself this time. The temperature in the cabinet where it lives got up to 84 degrees today. I don’t know whether it will have an effect on it or not. I’d be advised to find out before I put it in my body.

4 Responses to A Day and a Half

  1. Lila November 24, 2015 at 8:08 am #

    It’s surprising you were able to function so well and accomplish so much after the small amount of sleep you’d had.

    • Tommie November 24, 2015 at 10:02 am #

      You aren’t the only one who was surprised. I was, too. 😮

  2. Mary Jane November 24, 2015 at 9:29 am #

    My Fordhooks were 20 oz. for 1.89, so you have a better buy.

    I agree that your day was more like a day and a half! Especially after so little sleep. Glad you survived it. Your angel was certainly on duty!

    • Tommie November 24, 2015 at 10:01 am #

      And I just hit the high spots. Mother would say my angel might be looking the other way but it was surprising how little traffic there was when I’d need to “merge”.

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