When this started, I don’t know. All I know is, I’m not there. I hear people say, “I’m not up to par.” Well, I’m not, either, but I’d like to be. From what I can gather, “par” is a golf term. If you’re shooting par, you’re hitting the ball the average number of times to get it in the hole. If you’re under par, that’s a good thing—in golf. Not in how you feel, though.

My nurse friend let time slip up on her and got here a little later than usual to give me my shot. I’ve told her I can do it myself but she insists she can come shoot me every week. It’s nice of her but one reason I wanted to get the 30ml vials was so I can draw it up more easily. That’s beside the fact that it’s definitely more affordable.

Cuz came over to check on me. She didn’t know whether the nurse was leaving or just getting here when she pulled into their driveway. As usual, she’d been up well before dawn and had been hard at work.

I had a private message from my roommate wanting to know if I’d be able to talk without coughing. One never knows, does one? She called and we talked for over half an hour and I didn’t have too many hacks and throat-clearings during the conversation.

A little after dark, Cuz came over again. She’d just finished her meal and had fed the men, as well. I don’t know where she gets her energy.

There was a nice, unexpected happening yesterday. I was the recipient of a random act of kindness. When something like that happens, it always takes me by surprise.

Well, tomorrow night is another debate. This time, anyone with Internet access can watch the live streaming without having to sign in with a TV provider. Fox Business News is listening!

The weather has been dismal again. I brought the second heater out of the cool room and hooked it up so it is helping to heat the living room, dining room and kitchen. Oh, and the little bathroom, too. By default, the utility room gets it, as well. There’s a lot of open space but it isn’t hard to heat, thankfully.

Today is all but over. Let’s hide and watch to see what tomorrow brings.

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