Post Debate Wrapup

After what seemed forever, the debate finally got underway last night. I don’t know what the holdup was. It was supposed to start at 8 (7 TT) but the principals didn’t file onto the stage until 8:15 or thereabout. I’d thought maybe Carly was in the bathroom but my sister says not all women have to “go” as often as I do. That’s true and Carly has another bit of history on her side. She’s never had a child in utero bouncing on her bladder and giving it a swift kick now and then. I’ve had three of those.

Once everything got going, it didn’t seem to really go anywhere. I learned very little that was new except that Ben Carson takes supplements manufactured by Mannatech and the company has been investigated for making false/misleading claims for their products. Oh! and who cares if people play fantasy football? Let ’em. It has nothing to do with policy or the running of the country. Legalized marijuana in Colorado came up once and Kasich answered something about overdosing. Can a person overdose on marijuana?

Trump was his usual larger-than-life self, talking about building a wall with a “big, beautiful door” (why does it have to be beautiful?). He said nothing he hasn’t said before.

Marco Rubio probably had the most memorable moment when he effectively shut Jeb Bush up. He may be young but he’s sharp and pretty to look at. And getting a “warm kiss” from Jeb might be this woman’s nightmare.

I have a feeling that the rest of the debates are pretty much going to be more of the same. There was a lot of media-bashing last night and the media bashed back. It wasn’t a good lesson in how to relate courteously and kindly to each other. I’m still planning to watch all of the debates I can involving both sides in an effort to learn as much as I can. If last night is any example, though, it may just teach me there are too many hopefuls on the stage. Until the pack thins, no one is going to have the time s/he needs to get points across.

Tomorrow will be a busy day so I have done as much Friday stuff as I can in anticipation. I stripped the bed this morning then flipped and rotated the mattress. I also turned the Memory Foam topper. I chucked everything in the washer but didn’t start it until I got home from town.

While I was in the valley, I gassed up the car (and didn’t drop my credit card). It didn’t even hold five gallons but I don’t like to take a trip or go into the weekend without enough gas to keep me at ease.

I was waiting for the bathroom at Walmart (the main one was locked) when someone came up behind me. When I turned around, I discovered it was one of my Facebook friends who works in ladies’ wear. She broke out into a big smile and hugged me. We’re both Ugly Betty fans and that’s how we got acquainted in the first place.

The frozen food lady was stocking when I reached in to get a bag of Fordhook limas. I told her I’m a happy camper since they have them now. She said they should have them right along because they have been added back to the database.

Something else made me happy. I’d been thinking about persimmons the other day and there they were! I picked out seven and would have gotten more but, at $1.28 each, those will have to do.

Cuz tells me I pulled in the driveway just after she got home. She said she’d be over in a bit and she was—with a bag with lots of green peppers! The frost had gotten the plants so she had to pick them all.

Later, she came back when I was making the bed. I had the bottom sheet on so she helped me with the rest. I think it surprises her every time because I’m so particular about how it’s done. I’m like that, though, and it all has to be a certain way.

I still need to take a bath. I don’t want to climb into a clean bed with a dirty body. Time is marching on so I’d better do it before it gets much later. I have the heat on in the bathroom. It should be nice and warm by now.

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