Examining My Innards

I was in the bathroom before daylight when I heard “beep-beep-beep beep-beep-beep”. It was the signal for me to get up. I felt like moaning and groaning. I did so want to crawl back in between the sheets and snooze but it was not to be. Today was the day for my second (and, hopefully, last) endoscopy.

Cuz had pointed out I’d save time because I didn’t have to eat and that was true. I still needed to have my quiet time and shower before I dressed. My instructions said I could brush my teeth and take my morning meds with a sip of water. I’d warmed a bit of water and, after I’d downed my thyroid med and Prilosec, I reluctantly dumped the rest in the sink. That hurt.

I’d laid out everything last night so I was ready when Cuz came over just before 9 (8 TT). She’d started the van and it was ready and waiting in the driveway. Since the larger van (that she prefers to drive) needs some attention from a good mechanic, we went in my CIL’s van. It’s much easier for me to get in and out.

The rain had barely started and I prayed we wouldn’t get in hard rain on the way there and back. The Lord saw fit to grant my request and, while it did rain, it wasn’t a downpour.

Valet parking was backed up to the point that it took at least 10 (if not 15) minutes to get from the street almost to the entrance.

I checked in and was given the standard forms to sign. Then we sat down to wait. Cuz had taken a book to read so I didn’t try to talk to her. Presently, I was called back and Cuz went with me.

The pre-op room today was the same one I was in on August 10. Cuz didn’t know, but I remembered seeing the hallway to the right from where I was sitting. She figured out how to adjust the chair with the broken lever.

Over the course of the next hour, a series of nurses came in for various reasons. One started an IV and left me there to doze while Cuz read. I woke myself snoring several times. The chair is made for taller people than I am. I would have been much more comfortable with a pillow to support my neck.

A nurse came in and said there’d been a cancellation and I’d be able to have my procedure sooner. As it turned out, it was about 15 minutes sooner than scheduled.

I walked beside the nurse who was carrying my bag of fluids. When we got to the GI Lab, she took me to a room with the equipment that would enable the doctor to see my insides. I climbed onto the table and all the preparations were made. A mouth guard was put in place, stickers for the heart monitor were stuck to my chest and abdomen, oxygen cannula stuck up my nose and over my ears. The doctor came in and greeted me and then the anesthetist put me out.

The recovery room was a familiar place when I woke. I was right by the nurses’ station so I could see everyone coming and going. I was still so sleepy, though, I kept my eyes closed for a long time. The doctor came in and asked how I was. “I’m sleepy.” He said he was tired. I told him he was supposed to be alert. He told me the procedure had gone well and then he was gone. I closed my eyes again.

By and by, one of the staff came over and asked if I wanted anything to drink. Warm—very warm—water. She brought me some that was room temperature. She was nice and took it back to get some that was warmer. I drank it down. It still wasn’t very warm but people are kind of freaked out by my drinking hot water.

She brought out my clothes and wanted to know if I dress myself. Well, YES. She said she knew I have respiratory problems but I seemed to be holding my own. She closed the curtain, I got dressed and she called a man over to walk me out. He asked if I wanted a wheelchair but I told him I don’t generally ride.

Cuz was waiting in the van and he had her pull up under the part that was protected from the rain by the skywalk overhead.

There were pictures and a report. The report is rather confusing and the pictures mean hardly anything to me. The report says:


  • Normal esophagus.
  • Normal GE junction.
  • Polyps was [sic] found arising from the lesser curvature of the stomach body. Polypectomy was performed.
  • Gastritis was found in the body of the stomach.
  • Normal duodenal bulb and 2nd portion of the duodenum.

I’m going to take the report to my next appointment so he can ‘splain it to me.

The ride home was uneventful and I came home with a promise Cuz would be over later.

It was so nice to go to the kitchen and heat up 16 ozzies of water and down it all. Later, I fixed something to eat, then did the rest of my devotions consisting of listening to a portion of the Sabbath School lesson discussion.

After dark, Cuz came over to see if I was okay. We visited and later she sent me a link about the CEO at the Mother Ship getting a 7% raise which, in addition to his $244,966 bonus, took his compensation for the year to over a million dollars. And they were going to take down the WiFi as a cost-cutting measure?? Give me a break!

Thankfully, today is over. Tomorrow, I’ll have my B12 shot. After that, I don’t know what I’ll do. I guess I’ll find out when it happens. I usually do.

No alcohol for me tonight. That means I can’t take my liquid melatonin since it has a minute bit. I’ll have to scare up my tablets, I guess.

6 Responses to Examining My Innards

  1. Mary Jane October 27, 2015 at 7:55 am #

    I’m sure it is a vast relief to have that done, that it went well, and all seems to be well. I’m glad!

    • Tommie October 27, 2015 at 9:41 am #

      I have many reasons to be thankful.

  2. Lila October 27, 2015 at 8:13 am #

    Wondering if that bonus were distributed among the hospital employees, how much each would get. Also wondering how one person’s expertise can be worth that much money in addition to whatever his salary might be. Maybe things like this help explain why the 8-hour work shift has been expanded to half again as long. And one more thing to wonder about – how many serious mistakes have been caused by the staff’s exhaustion from working twelve- hour shifts, often with too little time even for a drink of water or a bathroom break.

    • Tommie October 27, 2015 at 9:46 am #

      Each employee DID get a $400 bonus. The hospital board based the raise and bonus on what CEOs at other facilities were making. One of the board members wanted the money to go to the staff but he was voted down. I always felt like it wasn’t fair but I didn’t have a vote. The “higher-ups” get the perks on the backs of the people they abuse. When I was still employed, there were years everyone in middle management down didn’t get a raise. One year, it was 1%. It was a rare thing that kept upper management from reaping some benefit.

  3. Shari October 27, 2015 at 10:11 am #

    So it sounds like they cut off a polyp and you have an inflamed stomach? Is that what causes acid reflux?

    Around here if they cut off a polyp, of any size, you have to go back in 6 months for another endo. I did one 25 years ago after dad died of colon cancer, but haven’t done one or a mammogram since. And no, it would not have caught my cancer earlier.

    • Tommie October 27, 2015 at 10:38 am #

      No. That doesn’t cause acid reflux. He wanted to check where he’d biopsied a polyp before.

      I wasn’t planning to assume it would have caught your cancer earlier. Yours was at the other end of the spectrum, so to speak.

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