Last night was another bust in the rest department. I did okay until I woke to go to the bathroom. When I got back in bed, I started coughing. I have no idea how long it went on but when I’d start to doze off again, here would come another series. At times, it sounded croupy. Others, just dry. Whatever. It kept me awake.

Except for getting lessons 6 done and uploaded, I’ve been worthless. And on the same theme of SSNet, the editor sent first quarter 2016 manuscripts in both docx and PDF. I’d intended to do a set of lessons a day and, if I had, I would have been all through and ready. As it is, I don’t even want to think about it.

DD called and sounded better. She said she is but not completely over her cold. Another tiny house is going to be explored next weekend so I probably won’t hear from her.

This afternoon late, Cuz and my CIL came over to work on the light in the kitchen. She had a ballast but it was the wrong one. She took the numbers off the existing one and said she’ll look it up online tonight. It’ll be nice to have more light in the kitchen. I like to be able to see what I’m cutting up.

After a misty day yesterday, part of today was beautiful and sunny. Then it clouded up and started raining. Tomorrow is supposed to be an 80% chance of rain and then close to 100% on Tuesday.

It isn’t quite 9 o’clock yet and I’m already sleepy. Guess my two nights of interrupted sleep is catching up with me.

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