Null and Void

Bedtime was a hair earlier last night. I was awake for a long time mid-sleep, though. When I woke and looked at the clock, it was at an angle that made it look an hour later than it really was. It was a relief to see the real time when I went in the kitchen.

There isn’t a lot to report about today. Cuz called from the used food store. She’d found Earth Balance buttery spread for $1.39. I think I pay something like $3.68 for it. I had her get me one of the Omega-3 and a package of the vegan shortening sticks. The latter is $1.39, too. I’m glad she keeps me in mind when she sees bargains.

I heard some thumping outside and thought the Catz were having a rumble on the deck. When I looked out, there was a truck parked out on the road. I couldn’t tell, exactly, but it looked like a TVA truck. I figured they were clearing any branches that might snap this winter and cause power outages. Whatever will keep it going this winter is fine with me.

Besides the usual activities of daily living (ADLs as they are known in the medical community), I did a small load of laundry. Big whoop.

My ALDI and Publix ads didn’t yield any exciting bargains so I didn’t bother to go to town today. A different store has bananas for 49 cents a lub and avocados for 89 cents each. The last time I was at Walmart, the price for avos had jumped from 75 cents to $1.18.

It’s rained off and on and there was a definite chill in the air when I went out to feed the critters this afternoon. I could say I dread winter but I think you already know that.

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