Keeping My Promise

My melatonin dose last night was a bit less than the night before. Maybe that’s why I had to get up a half dozen times (more or less) to go to the bathroom. The suggested dosage on the label is a dropper full. I do maybe a fourth to a third. Wonder what a whole dose would do to me? I might sleep through the night and over the next day.

I had every intention of going to town today but I didn’t. I still have bananas, oranges, tomatoes and avocados so it isn’t like I needed to. What I did need to do was work on the lessons.

When I looked ahead on the lessons, it was obvious that there was some correcting to do. I had expressly asked for the formatting to be left the way it was since I’d compared and formatted it to match the print edition. Need I say more?

FileZilla changed the settings when it installed the updated version so it took me forever to get it to work. Once I did, I downloaded the two files that had been changed and worked on them. After I uploaded the corrected files, I formatted 08-13 “helps” reference files and uploaded all of them. It occurred to me the day buttons weren’t working except on the first lesson so I fixed those on the second lesson. I was a busy little bee.

DD sent the address for the house they’re renting. I looked it up on Google street view and it’s very attractive. I took a short “drive” through the neighborhood and it’s a nice one. She said it’s quiet, too. According to what I found on the WWW, the house was built in 1987. That was when DD was nine years old and had no idea what was ahead of her. None of us did.

This evening, I got on Facebook and was surprised to see an obituary for a man who worked in maintenance at the hospital when I was hired. I knew he wasn’t in good health but I didn’t know he had “battled cancer for two years”. His funeral is Sabbath so I may go. I haven’t decided for sure yet.

Well, the time has come when my eyelids are starting to droop. That’s it for the autumnal equinox. Next will be the winter solstice. If I said I couldn’t wait, I’d be lying.

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