Well, I Tried.

Cuz caught me digging through the freezer in the garage. There was a bag of okra I’d bought some time back and it needed to be used. She had brought me three quart freezer bags of okra, all ready to use. I felt silly digging for the commercial stuff but I hated to waste it.

I finally found said bag and came to the house. As I’d said Thursday night, I was going to make some more gumbo yesterday so that’s what I did. The bag of bought okra? I shouldn’t have even tried to use it. Talk about sorry! The way it was trimmed, there were lots and lots of pieces that still had the tops on. I don’t bother with cutting the tips off but the tops?? Give me a break! I fished out and discarded I-don’t-know-how-much.

Getting one of the quart bags out of the fridge, I cut all but maybe a half dozen pods and added them to the gumbo. It was a mix of good and sorry.

It’s been a project of mine to replace as many of my lights as possible with LEDs. I ordered four fluorescent replacements and they came yesterday. Cuz came over to put them in. I hadn’t opened the package and when she did, there was broken glass. It didn’t come from the tubes. They’d shipped my supply of Zyflamend in with the tubes and not padded it at all. The package it was in was crushed and the bottle was in pieces—some of them very small.

Cuz made sure none of the broken glass went on the floor and I got on the computer to report the problem. I assured her that Amazon would replace it. She was concerned that I’d try to take the ones from the broken bottle but I didn’t want to chance ingesting glass. I convinced her I had no plans to take it.

She unpackaged two of the tubes and put them in the fixture in the kitchen. With the signal to turn them on, I flipped the switch. Nothing. She took them out and put them in the other fixture. Again, nothing. The description said that they fit 100+ fixtures but I guess mine comes after the +. She put them back in their packing and I requested a return. Printing off the label, I taped it on and it’s ready to go.

Later, I got a reply about the Zyflamend. There was an apology and the statement that they were sending me a replacement at no charge. Later, I got another email saying my account was being credited with $5 for any inconvenience the broken bottle had caused. I was to dispose of it as I saw fit. It immediately went in the trash.

Cuz has mulled over the cause of the failure of the LEDs to work. Maybe bad ballasts? A loose connection? It’s something that will eventually have to be solved. She’s going to bring some regular fluorescents over and see if they will work in the fixture that is obstinate.

As an aside, Cuz told me the plumbing under the shower had been fixed so, after she left, I proceeded to test it out. I hope it’s okay because it makes some strange gurgling noises and they’re loud enough to vibrate the floor under my feet as the water flows down.

Two bills had come from the Mother Ship so I called and paid them. I inquired about the other one from my February/March hospital stay. Nothing has been attempted since July. I’d been told before they were appealing it and not to worry about it. This gal told me to get in touch with my insurance. It’s really up to the hospital to get paid but I’ll email Humana and see what happens. When all is said and done, I’ll owe $550 minus 10%. I really need to get rid of that money. It’s weighing down my purse.

I did my usual Friday chores plus I decided to try to wrangle the vacuum around. I do like my Dyson but I’m not as strong as I once was and I end up coughing after a session. I managed to get the high traffic areas and let it go at that. Since I have respiratory problems, the place is supposed to be vacuumed thoroughly twice a week. Ha!

Bedtime was earlier than usual. I set the timer so I could get up earlier than usual, too.

I do declare, the audio/visual guy must sleep in the parking lot on Sabbath. I don’t care what time I get there, he beats me. I unlocked the door and he set about getting everything taken care of and I went to the organ.

Everything went off okay except I couldn’t hear the hymn numbers. The song leader had to repeat them for me. It’s rather embarrassing when I have to ask.

The same person had the Sabbath School lesson and I couldn’t hear a lot of what was said. I’d fiddle with the settings on my aids but I think it’s her enunciation as much as anything. She had the children’s story, too, and the only way I knew it was over (so I could play a snippet) was the children getting up to go back to their seats.

The Cavalry had the sermon and it was quite interesting. He told about experiences he’s had while he was building.

Several people told me they are glad to have me back at the organ. One man came up while I was playing and hugged me, saying it was good to see me “back in the saddle”. The official organist’s sister came over after church, even. On my way out, I was hugged and my hand was shaken. I started feeling a little abashed. One man was waxing effusive and said, “I love to hear you play! It’s so…” and I interrupted him and supplied “different”. He kind of grinned.

After I got home (a slow driver was leading the way and top speed was 40), I ate the two remaining Bartlett pears and were they good! I waited until my regular time to have my meal and I think that’s the answer on Sabbath.

Cuz came over and visited. She said she was taking it easy today. Isn’t that what she’s supposed to do on Sabbath?

Tomorrow, I’ll have to slaughter one of the giant mangoes. It’s ready and I don’t want it to get too far gone.

The time has come for me to close this down and let everyone rest. Goodnight all, and sleep tight.

4 Responses to Well, I Tried.

  1. Lila September 6, 2015 at 9:29 am #

    All in all, I’d call your Friday eventful!

    Wish you hadn’t interrupted the man who was complimenting your playing. Now we’ll never know what he was going to say, and I’m sure it would have been worth hearing. I’ve done the same thing in the past and regretted it. Too late for this time, but something to remember.

    • Tommie September 6, 2015 at 10:14 am #

      I’m sure he was going to say something I preferred the other organist’s friends didn’t hear. It was enough that another musician said my music was “perfect” even though it wasn’t. Every Sabbath I play, I pray my music will be a blessing and not a distraction. If it filled the bill, I’m happy.

      • Lila September 7, 2015 at 7:43 am #

        I hope you’re happy to be back; obviously others are appreciative.

        • Tommie September 7, 2015 at 10:20 am #

          It’s like being home in a way. As long as they are deaf to the flubs…

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