The Invasion

Last night was a better night. I slept well. That’s in a manner of speaking. I had weird dreams that would be hard to relate. You’d have to have been there.

The compost bucket wasn’t full but every time I’d lift the lid to put peelings or whatever in there, a miniature cloud of fruit flies would come forth. I’d had enough so I struggled with it and managed to set it on the deck.

Actually, the September fruit flies aren’t as frisky as the June ones. I’ve been slapping at them but they just keep multiplying. Seems that in their dotage they wouldn’t be as fruitful. (Get that? Fruitful? Fruit flies? Heh heh.) They are in the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room. They’re loving the bananas and pears in the dining room. All this is in spite of the cups of vinegar and dishwashing liquid I have sitting around.

When I’m here at the computer, they light on my hands and wrists. I have to keep waving them away. I’ve had them try to fly up my nose.

This morning, when I was eating breakfast, several tried to take a suicide dive into my food. More than once, I had to fish one out. It reminded me of when DD and merm were visiting once. I’d fixed tall glasses of fresh squeezed OJ. A fruit fly landed in DD’s glass. Before I knew what was happening, she took it to the sink and down it went. That just about broke my heart. I would’ve used a spoon to get it out and the rest would’ve ended up in my stomach. Fruit flies aren’t nasty. They’re just a nuisance.

I didn’t get the bed made before I ate breakfast so it’s been unmade all day. Tomorrow, I’ll have to chance maximum reflux because there’s no way I can get it changed before I eat. BTW, the dishes that were washed yesterday are still in the dishwasher. I didn’t get a whole lot done today, did I? Reflux limits my activity.

Cuz had told me the squash was getting ready to pick. I went out and bent over to check it. Uh-oh! From then on through several minutes, it was coughing time. I’m going to let it go until tomorrow.

There’s a bag of frozen okra I bought several months ago that I need to get out and make into gumbo. That will be another Friday project.

Which reminds me. I had a couple of the Boca Spicy Chik’n Sliders for breakfast and they’re going back to Cuz for her sister. I can handle chili pepper spicy but that much black pepper is just too much for me.

Cuz came in today and told me she was going to be working under the floor. The insulation was drooping in several places so she fixed that. The shower drain had come apart so it isn’t usable until she gets a trap for it or the piece the trap fits in. I was waiting to take a bath until she got through and by that time, I was out of the mood so I’m dirty.

She also trimmed up some of the bushes and trees. I hadn’t noticed when I went out to check on the squash but she’d cut down all the jungle in front of the house. In the spring, she had sown wildflowers there but they were choked out by the indigenous weeds. I can see the house across the street now!

This evening, a lady who goes to my church called and asked me to send an email out to everyone. It was concerning a project she and her husband want to start. At first, the connection was really poor. She went outside to get a better signal but then she was talking so fast, I couldn’t understand her. Finally, she said she’d send me an email if I would text her my address. I did that and, eventually, it came through so that’s been sent out and posted on my Facebook group.

The bulletin file came through incomplete so I got the info and put it in what I email and post on Facebook. That took a little time.

It’s another late night. I’m going to have to do better than this. I can’t go back and do this one over, though. There’s always tomorrow…

2 Responses to The Invasion

  1. Mary Jane September 5, 2015 at 10:14 pm #

    Fresh squeezed oj down the drain? I think I would have wailed! That little buglet was not pisen.

    • Tommie September 5, 2015 at 10:25 pm #

      I had to stifle a scream. It was a full 16 ozzies.

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