THAT’S Done.

When I got over half the lessons done yesterday, I wasn’t sure I could get the rest done today since it was Shopping Day. I figured I’d try, though.

The phone woke me from a deep sleep. The handset that’s usually by my bed was in the charger so I had to spring up and sprint across the room to answer it. The caller identified herself as the gastroenterologist’s nurse. Another pathology report had come in and the doctor had decided I wouldn’t need to have the little polyp surgically removed, after all. That was fine with me since I was going to refuse, anyway. HOWEVER, he wants me to have another endoscopy “to make sure nothing was left behind.” Huh? Did the scope shed parts in my innards? What could be left behind? He’ll go over everything at my next appointment. Cha-CHING!

When I’d revived, I did a bit on the lessons this morning. There was quite a bit of correcting to do and there were changes in some of the wording between the manuscript we’d been sent and the quarterly (aka Study Guide). It wasn’t anything that changed the thought but I made it match whenever I caught it.

A little after noon, I got dressed and went out to see what was going on. I’d been hearing sawing and hammering for a long time. Cuz was breaking down the trusses that used to be on top of The Ruins. She was getting some good lumber out of them and said she’d have enough to build a house. I think it would have to be a tiny house but then DD could come live in it.

Setting out for town, I had my ad to price match and a couple of coupons. I’d hoped to get my hair cut but there was no one working that I trusted to do it. I did my shopping and got everything on my list (it helps to look at it) plus some. I paid $2.28 each for mangos but they are the size of a small football. I should get two meals out of each one, easy, if not more.

Just MayoI’d opened my last jar of Just Mayo so I got one to replace it on the shelf in the pantry. One of my Facebook friends (who is also a church friend) posted this article on my wall. I thought the name could be changed to “Not Just Mayo”. And I haven’t seen anything anywhere implying that it’s “heart healthy”. For pity’s sake, none of the ready-made spreads are something you eat because they’re good for you.

When I checked out, the cashier studied and studied the ad and compared it more than once to the bags of oranges. She finally decided they matched and rang them up. Instead of paying $4.98 per bag, I got them for $2.49. If I’m cipherin’ right, that’s half.

On the way to Bi-Lo (soon to be Food City) I had a prolonged coughing spell. I’m not so sure the enzymes are helping with the reflux.

To let the Food City-ites know what I like, I sprung for a pint carton of So Delicious ice cream. I hope they don’t stop carrying things I’d have to travel long distances to get.

It was home again and I got everything unloaded and put away. I changed clothes and went out to check on the progress. Cuz was down to the last truss.

Later, she came in for a short visit. She’d finished up all the trusses and had everything stored in the dry. A couple of the boards were too long so she had to cut them down. She said that anything over 16″ is usable, though.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to call and part company with enough to cover the co-pays on my ABG/six minute walk and the endoscopy. It’s nice to be made of money.

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  1. Lila September 2, 2015 at 7:49 am #

    That Cuz is something else! Everyone should have one of those around.

    • Tommie September 2, 2015 at 10:19 am #

      Shouldn’t they, though?

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