The Brits Have It

Lately, I’ve been getting into British programming. Seems they have an edge over American fare. They can get their points across without excessive profanity and vulgarity. “The Royals” is a series that’s very interesting. That’s why it’s of note that 19 years ago yesterday is when Charles and Diana divorced. That was a fairytale that didn’t end “happily ever after”.

Today, it’s 10 years after Katrina. New Orleans still has a way to go to recover completely, but it isn’t anything like it was.

Yesterday was spent doing the things I usually do on Friday. I only have one set of regular sheets for the hospital bed. There’s another set, but it’s geared more toward winter. I did laundry in general and washed the sheets in particular. They went back on the bed.

I was awake before the timer beeped this morning, but I didn’t spring out of bed even when it went off. It would have been so nice to snuggle down and sleep until noon (as if I ever do that) but I had to get up.

The church was still locked when I got there even though there were cars around. I unlocked and went in, turning on lights as I went. The fellow was there who is part of the audiovisual team. He got everything turned on and set up before people started coming in. I was glad for that because it can be very distracting when it’s done during a service.

Things went pretty much as I expected until the announcement period. The pastor was there which was surprising. He wasn’t scheduled to speak and he usually doesn’t show up unless he is. When he got up after the routine announcements, it was to drop a bombshell. After many calls to other places that were turned down, he has accepted a call to pastor a church about an hour away.

Since he didn’t want anyone to find out secondhand, he had gone around to all three of his churches today. He said that he intended to be the one to tell whoever was there to hear it.

On my way out after church, I told him he was full of surprises. He said I could come to join with them any Sabbath since it isn’t that far away. I told him the road runs from there to here, too. They will be missed. They’ve become part of the family. Their children were very young and now they have one starting academy and the other is college age. Currently, the older one is on a mission trip.

It will be interesting to see what’s in the future for us. We’ve been without a pastor for extended periods of time and the church is still there. We can do it again, I’m sure.

Before I left for church, I’d checked the batteries in my hearing aids. One had one section that was “used”, the other showed a full charge. It was the third Sabbath with those batteries, but I figured I’d chance it. Not once did I hear “doodle-de-do”. I checked them again after I got home and they were both exhausted. They’re in the trash and the aids are in their little nest minus power.

Rain was in the forecast, but it hadn’t done anything until I was home. On the way from the car to the house, I noticed it was misting. A bit later, the rain came down hard. I guess that put an end to some of Cuz’ plans.

Cuz had brought me a container of watermelon yesterday. After my water had time to settle, I hove to and ate it. It was very good. A couple hours later, I baked the other Daiya pizza and had it along with too much other stuff.

Not long before sunset, Cuz came over and asked if I’d been napping. I’d dozed a little, but I hadn’t really napped. Well, she’d been here earlier and the door was locked. I guess she’d had a weak spell because it wasn’t.

The hour grows late. I must cease and desist. I’ll see you on the morrow.

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  1. Lila August 30, 2015 at 8:43 am #

    Interesting about your pastor. Sounds like the situation with ours, though I don’t know of any transfer plans. Their children were small when they came, now one is starting academy. I suppose the shoe could drop any time.

    • Tommie August 30, 2015 at 9:11 am #

      You just never know!

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