In the Know?

This evening, Cuz asked me if I’d heard from the nurse today. No, I hadn’t. I’ll call again tomorrow. So, in the know, I’m not.

It’s been so cool, I haven’t been running the a/c. Talk about good sleeping weather! I’d gotten to bed late last night and made up for it this morning. That’s in more ways than one. I was listening to the Sabbath School discussion when Cuz came in and caught me dozing off.

I’d eaten an even later breakfast because I unloaded the dishwasher. I can’t do that after I’ve eaten or my reflux flares up. It would be nice if there were something I could take that would calm that down that didn’t have atrocious side effects.

Thankfully, the Reglan has gotten out of my system enough that all but my already-existent tremor are gone. The bad thing is, my cough is back almost full force. I haven’t coughed to the point of throwing up but I’ve come close. I missed a lot of the sermon Sabbath because I had to go out and cough up a lung in the ladies’.

One reason I’m staying up so late at night is because I cough so much after I go to bed. Seems as long as I’m sitting upright, my coughing is less. I already sleep with the head of the bed raised at, at least, a 45 degree angle. Much more and I might as well be in a chair.

It’s nice that I had a good meal this afternoon. The squash that got so huge is better than any I’ve had. With that, I had a twice baked potato (I could’ve eaten two of those—it was small), a Super Duper Gut Bomb patty and tomato chunks.

Guess I’ve gone on long enough. It’s time to count sheep.

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  1. Shari August 26, 2015 at 11:35 pm #

    Have you tried enzymes to help with the reflux? I take enzymes first thing in the morning, these are called cleansing enzymes. And if I eat a heavy meal (cooked) I take different enzymes after the meal. IF I experience reflux, it’s usually at night laying down. I will get up and take the cleansing enzymes. They are a powder mixed in water. Works dandy. I got them from (Matt & Angela Monarch)

    • Tommie August 27, 2015 at 12:21 am #

      Reflux is mechanical. It’s not the acid that’s the problem. I went on the site and searched for “cleansing enzymes” and it came up empty.

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