I really did need to go to town yesterday but I really did need to use up the rest of the okra before it became slimy before it was cooked. I chose to do the latter.

I’ve always loved gumbo. Mother used to buy Heinz Gumbo Creole when cans didn’t list ingredients. It was super delicious. I found an ad for sale on ebay and, uh-oh! It tells how the soups were made and it mentions Gumbo Creole specifically.

HeinzClick on the image to open it full sized so you can read what it says. It’s quite a write-up. For those who don’t WANT to read it, it says, “They brew meat stocks from cuts such as better butchers carry.” Well, I thought I was a lifelong vegetarian.

Well, MY gumbo doesn’t have meat stock, better cuts or no. By the time I got it all assembled and cooking, it almost filled a four quart pot. I put a whole little can of green chilies in it and, man! did they spice it up. I like things spicy so that’s fine but I’d thought I’d cook some rice, put it in a roasting pan and cover it with the gumbo for the fellowship meal today. Even after I put the rest of the mashed potatoes in it to cool it down, it was still too hot to share.

Cuz came over and I told her I’d made gumbo. She asked, “Is that what I smell?” She didn’t say it smelled good. That’s okay. I like it and that’s what matters in the end, I guess.

Since I had promised to play the organ today, I went to bed early last night. I dreamed the timer went off but when I looked at the clock, it was a little after 3. Back to bed and to sleep.

One of the greeters was sitting on the porch when I got to the church. He didn’t have a key so I got mine out and opened the door. Just like old times.

I went to the organ and played through the hymns that were selected for the church service and then the pianist sat down and we played together up until and then through a lot of song service. The chorister chose one song and then went directly into the opening song for Sabbath School.

The OrganistThe other day, my friend Shari posted this picture on my Timeline. It just about says it all. There are a few differences. I don’t have to line up the singers plus I don’t have video displays for the pastor and the congregation. They’re right there. Once again, you can click on the image to see it in a larger size.

Since I hadn’t played for something like 60 Sabbaths, I wondered how it would feel. I knew there were people praying for me. I’d requested to pray that I’d be a blessing and not a distraction. It was pretty much like I’d been doing it all along. The order of service hadn’t changed and I got everything in the right place.

The pianist (who is also the official organist) asked me to continue playing. I told her I wasn’t nominated to fill the position. She informed me that she is the music director (which I didn’t know we had) and she could ask me. About then, the pastor came by and hugged us both. I told her I’d keep my socks in my purse and if she wanted me to play, I’d do it. She had a different idea. I could play unless I was going somewhere else or wanted a break. If that happened, I could let her know. So…I guess I’m the unofficial orgaster. I feel like it should go before the board but she was adamant so, okay.

Since I hadn’t taken my spicy gumbo, I came home and had some with organic brown jasmine rice. I’d had it with grits yesterday and, while it was good, I prefer it with rice. The other day, my sister had posted a video on Facebook of babies eating ice cream which started me hankering. My 1/4 pint carton of chocolate coconut ice cream is no more.

A week ago, I started watching a video on addiction so I finished it today and watched another on the same subject that was sort of a followup. Cuz had said she’d be over today but I never saw her.

About an hour ago, there was a huge clap of thunder. There was no more storm to speak of but it’s still raining. Sounds like good sleeping weather to me.

4 Responses to Gumbo!

  1. Lila August 23, 2015 at 8:45 am #

    Do you buy the brown jasmine rice locally, or do you order it? Sounds like you’ll be eating gumbo for a while!

    • Tommie August 23, 2015 at 10:06 am #

      I ordered it from Amazon. It used to be on subscription. The brand is Village Harvest.

  2. Mary Jane August 23, 2015 at 9:38 am #

    I remember that soup! Too bad it isn’t really vegetarian–we didn’t know. I’m sure yours would be too hot for me, but glad you can enjoy it.

    Welcome back to the organ bench!

    • Tommie August 23, 2015 at 10:08 am #

      They quit making it long ago but I can still recall how good it was.

      Thanks, I think.

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