The Day After

If my nurse friend was hit half as hard as I was when I had pneumonia, she’ll still be recuperating. I had mercy on her and shot myself in the leg and let her know after the fact. It’s certainly easier to have her do it but I hate to impose.

The half Benadryl did the trick last night and I was able to sleep without a runny nose. It’s slacked off a little today, too. I haven’t been dripping all over the place.

Cuz came in today and told me my mailbox was on the ground. The post had snapped in two about six inches above the ground. She was going to mount it on another post but later decided to put it beside their mailbox. I may end up putting my outgoing mail in theirs because the flag on mine doesn’t show above the larger box.

It took some doing for her to get the rest of the post out of the ground. It had been buried more than a foot deep which is quite a feat in this rocky soil.

The other day, I noticed I had a bump on the outer corner of my right eyelid. Cuz wondered if it’s a sty. I spent some time today with a warm wet washcloth on it. It’s gone down some but it seems to do that and then come back again. We’ll see what it does tomorrow.

Windows 10 has been installing software for the mouse no matter what I’d do. I finally found a fix online to keep it from (hopefully) doing that. I reinstalled the Windows 7 software for the touchpad and, so far, so good. I hope it will work because I really don’t want to downgrade at this point. I have a month after upgrading to do that if I decide to opt out.

I haven’t gotten a lot done today. The editor wanted me to let the HTML expert know what needs to be changed on the next set of lessons but I can’t access the server. She said to download it from the web but if I do that, I still don’t have the style sheet. It’s kind of durned if I do and durned if I don’t.

Some of the sunburned-looking tomatoes were beginning to ripen so I picked two to bring in. There was another tomato that had fallen off the vine onto the ground that I brought in, too.

The hour grows late and I must sign off and get some rest. Later, folks.

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  1. Lila August 12, 2015 at 8:02 am #

    If you’re having problems with Windows 10, no telling what I’d come up against! Think I’ll stay where I am for the time being.

    • Tommie August 12, 2015 at 9:12 am #

      I’m not having “problems”. I was having A problem which has been resolved. There was a similar problem when I had 7 but I never reinstalled the software.

      If you’ve reserved the upgrade, you have up to a year (from July 29) to go for it.

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