A Long Day

I set the timer for eight hours last night and got up something like 15 minutes after it beeped. My day started then and it isn’t done yet.

Cuz came over a little before 9 to check to see if I was ready. I was. I finally had an appointment with the gastroenterologist that hadn’t been rescheduled. After winding around the parking garage for a while, Cuz found a spot that was somewhat of a hike from our destination.

I had been concerned that my appointment would take too long because I had another one two and a half hours later at the same building on a different floor. In my experience, the initial visit is usually the longest. Not today. I was questioned, he typed on the computer, he briefly examined me then said he wanted to do an endoscopy next week.

It was ‘way before time for my next appointment but we took the “scenic route” there, stopping along the way to look out the windows from the 12th floor.

When I signed in, Cuz asked if I’d be able to get in early—and I was. It wasn’t a whole lot early but it helped. My blood pressure was considerably lower there than it had been in the other office. Maybe it was because it was familiar surroundings?

The doctor breezed in and had me get on the exam table. After he listened to my heart and lungs, he announced that there are two new medications out that show promise as far as slowing the progression of the fibrosis. Before he could prescribe either one, I would have to have a bronchoscopy and possibly a biopsy. The medications are pirfenidone and nintedanib. I’ve barely scratched the surface research-wise and the jury is still out as far as I’m concerned. When I expressed my reluctance to go through with the procedures, he advised me to talk to my children.

Thankfully, I didn’t have a PFT done today. That’s scheduled for another time. I was given an order for a six minute walk and another ABG to follow that. When we went to Registration, we were told that the respiratory department was booked and couldn’t do it today. I’ll have to make a special trip back for that.

I had a couple of Daiya coupons that I needed to use before the end of this month so we headed toward the university market from there. When we were getting close, we were stopped by a bad accident. I couldn’t see much from my vantage point but Cuz said there was a van on its top. We had to turn around and go a different way which added a lot to the trip in.

Once we got to the general vicinity, we wheeled over to the Chinese restaurant where we had lunch. I barely made a dent in my eggplant with garlic sauce (the rest is in the fridge for later). Cuz demolished her plateful of food leaving only a couple of pieces of carrot.

After the university supermarket, we made a beeline to ALDI where I spent the least amount of money ever—not even $20. Then it was on to Walmart. Cuz didn’t even go in there. I got very little and then we were on our way to Lowe’s.

Now, this is a story in itself but I’ll try to make it short. There is a Christian web site that I post on regularly. The people who visit there form a bond of sorts and it’s rather like a large online family. We pray for each other and just generally share what goes on in our lives. I had mentioned that the a/c Cuz had put in here had quit working and it was so hot I couldn’t sleep. Different ones gave advice about what to do but one person wrote,

TOMMIE, IF YOU SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS, I CAN MAIL YOU A GIFT CARD FOR A NEW 10,000 BTU AIR CONDITIONER. There is a local group who collects monies projects. my email address is xxx.

I had seen many posts by this person so I emailed him/her. (The name is one of those that could belong to a male or a female—like “Tommie”.) S/he asked whether I would prefer Lowe’s or Home Depot. I specified Lowe’s. The card arrived yesterday.

Besides that, one of the people offered to order one from Amazon to be sent to me. Another offered to pay for one. I was overwhelmed!

I went online and looked at the window units. The one I picked out that had good reviews was in stock at Lowe’s so the salesperson loaded it onto a cart and put it in the van. The card covered everything but the tax.

After the day we’d had, I wasn’t expecting Cuz to put it in when we got home. She unloaded the groceries and brought them in, then moved the small a/c (which is now working) into the “pantry”. After that, she got her construction partner to help her and managed some way to get the new a/c into the house. She made short work of unpacking it and it wasn’t long before it was in the window pumping out cool air. I think I need to turn the setting up. It’s 75 in here and beginning to get chilly.

The bottom of my purse had sticky spots on it so I emptied it out and washed it along with the rest of the things in the basket. When I was putting the clothes in the dryer, the doorbell rang. It was Cuz with a container of watermelon. My CIL wanted me to have it then in case I wanted to eat some tonight. I’m saving it for tomorrow morning.

When I checked Facebook, I had a private message from my academy roommate. She had been praying for me today. When I told her about the results of my visits, she quit what she was doing and prayed for me again. Aren’t friends wonderful?

Cuz wanted me to talk to DD tonight, at least, while everything was fresh on my mind so I texted her and she called me. After we hung up, I thought that maybe I should consider having the procedure done and go on the medication if it were indicated. That was as long as it wasn’t too expensive.

I looked up the medications and, folks, there’s no way. One would be over $7k for a month’s supply, the other over $8k. Unless there’s a different reason for me to have the procedure(s) done, I think I’ll decide against them, too.

It’s been, as in the title, a long day. I think I’ll take my nighttime meds and go to bed.

4 Responses to A Long Day

  1. Lila August 5, 2015 at 8:45 am #

    My, you did have quite a day – at least two packed into one! I’m glad some medications are affordable, even if not all are. Wonder how they decide on their names….BY THE WAY, congratulations on the new a/c!!! You can’t beat that for friends and price!

    • Tommie August 5, 2015 at 9:56 am #

      Those are definitely NOT affordable—for me, at least. The naming strategy would be interesting. And thank you!

  2. Mary Jane August 5, 2015 at 4:50 pm #

    How wonderful to have such amazing friends! I’m so glad you have the new a/c! I remember how it was in the olden days when we just sweltered and languished in the heat.

    I count “Cuz” as one of your family along with your children. What would you do without her?

    • Tommie August 5, 2015 at 6:00 pm #

      Amen! I’m enjoying the cool, especially since this one has a thermostat.

      I feel the same way about Cuz. As for doing without her, I don’t want to find out.

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