Blue Moon

Messages regarding the blue moon cropped up on Facebook. Some had it happening Thursday night. Actually, it was at its fullest Friday morning, according to those in the know. When it was to rise last night, it would be at 99.8% full. I can google. The next blue moon will be January 2018.

Thursday night was the first time I’d slept comfortably for a long time. In spite of the cooler air, I didn’t doze off until after 11.

Yesterday was as Friday as most Fridays are. Being the last one in the month, it was time to flip and rotate the mattress. Doing it this time was easier than the first experience. I stayed away from walls and it went much better.

I looked up the time for the moonrise and had about given up on its peeking over the trees when there it was! The blue moon! I’ve seen pictures of it today and they don’t look like it did last night. Mine was yellow instead of white and gray—or blue.

It got down just under 70 last night and I put Mother’s little comforter on the bed. This morning, I found that it had wound up on the floor but I was still warm enough.

Song service was still going on when I got to church. I wore my hearing aids but was once again cognizant of the fact that volume doesn’t help if there isn’t clear enunciation. The speaker for the morning (the Cavalry) announced that church would be a DVD because he’d been too busy to prepare the sermon. I stayed for the preliminaries.

By the time I changed my clothes and drank my water, it was well after noon. The sermon was the next in the “Breakthrough” series with Jose Rojas so I looked it up and started it streaming.

It’s almost an hour long so it was nice to be able to pause it if I had to go to the bathroom. I could go back and listen to something over again if I hadn’t understood it the first time, too. Much better watching videos at home.

After that, I ate. And ate. I was so hungry after my earlier than usual breakfast that I ate too much. I even treated myself to some chocolate So Delicious ice cream with chocolate chips. Won’t my Mii have a field day with that!

When I opened the front door this afternoon, the loudest of the Catz announced that there was food to be had. It sent the message to all the other Catz as well as the neighbor cat. I’ve given up trying to keep the neighbor cat away from the food. I can’t stand guard over it for hours on end.

The temp in here got up to almost 80 today but the humidity stayed low so it wasn’t unbearable. It’s on its way back down now and should be comfortable again when it’s time to hit the hay.

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