On the Blink

When I settled in to do last night’s post, I couldn’t get in. I got more than one kind of error message which didn’t help at all. I don’t like ANY. I emailed merm and didn’t hear back until this morning but it was working again, anyway.

Yesterday was my appointment with the pulmonologist. Cuz had planned to be here over an hour before I was to sign in to give plenty of time to find a parking place. She called and said she’d been up all night and could I drive myself? Sure, I could. I’d told her before she didn’t have to take me. While it’s enjoyable, it isn’t a requirement.

We went on talking and she said I’d need to go into town over the bridge since the way we (and that means “I”, too) go would be closed to traffic because of the procession for the sailor who was killed along with four Marines. That put a different spin on things. The last time I went that way, I vowed never again. There’s a tall brick wall immediately beside the right lane that goes on seemingly forever. If a person went more than a few inches to the right, it would take off that side of the car.

I started trying to call the doctor’s office. The first time, I left a message but after that, I’d just let it ring until the answering machine kicked in and then I’d hang up. Multiple calls later, I picked it up again, prayed and hit redial. That time, someone answered! I was able to make the appointment and, what’s more, it’s the same day as my first appointment with the gastroenterologist! That’s knocking out two specialists without having to make two trips!

Since I was low on most things and out of some, I got ready and went to town. Avocados had been marked down from $1.18 to 75 cents but I got them for 49 with price match. The second week in a row, the bagged grapefruit rang up wrong. This time, rather than checking the price, the person in charge told the cashier to take my word for it. It was almost $1 difference.

Night before last, I’d hardly slept because of the heat. I was awake until almost 2 a.m. Last night was a little bit better but I kept dreaming about mashed potatoes. Why, I don’t know. And then I dreamed that one of the rooms in the house where I was living had been built with money that was earmarked for something else. We cleared it out and a plane went over and bombed it—just that one room. The bombardier must have had really good aim.

Today has been another one of those “trying to keep cool” days. It was so hot in here this morning that the sweat was streaming off my body. I took my housecoat off and put yesterday’s dress on until after my bath.

Other than that, it’s been unremarkable. I got the Shopper in the mail and it has the ad for Save a Lot with the usual 49 cents a lub bananas. I won’t be using it, though, because ALDI has bananas for 39 cents.

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  1. Lila July 30, 2015 at 8:47 am #

    A penny saved…but a dollar is that much better!

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