I’m Melting! I’m Melting!

Yesterday, when Cuz came over for a short visit, she heard the clicking sounds the a/c makes from time to time. She told her construction partner about them and he said he’d come over to check it out but he didn’t feel like it. I don’t know what he could do, anyway. Cuz said that a/c isn’t very old and shouldn’t be going belly up already but I don’t think IT knows that. In the meantime, I’m sweltering from the heat. It’s currently 86 degrees. Maybe I should do what the Thai people do and eat spicy food to make me sweat (more).

The temperature outside is 77 degrees and I have the EcoBreeze going, hoping to bring in some of the cooler air. I wouldn’t mind having the front door open but the screen is still ripped out at the bottom. I hope I can sleep tonight.

The head deacon had the church service this morning. It was about stewardship. He said what he had to say and that was that. Maybe the others could take lessons from him.

Before the church service, he explained the missing pew. It’s shorter than the others so the longer pew near the front was replaced with it. That leaves a space for the motorized wheelchair to fit. Makes more sense than having the owner park in the back.

As usual, I was very hungry when I got home but I drank my water and waited. I hated to heat up the kitchen but I steamed a couple of small red organic potatoes and two organic carrots until they were almost done, then put a bunch of small okra pods on top for a very few minutes. It was very good with a sprinkle of kala namak.

I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon pretty much inert. If I move too much, I get hot. I reiterate, I hope I can sleep tonight.

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