And the Beep Goes On

Thank goodness for fans and other noise makers. It keeps the beeps of the weather stations muted. Honestly, the incessant beeping could drive a person up the wall in no time flat. I don’t care what the instructions on the Internet say. There is no way to stop it.

My nurse friend was just a little late getting here to give my shot. It went in so easily this time, it was hard to tell she was giving it. Sometimes I think the tip of the needle might get blunted against the bottom of the vial. I don’t know. She’s an expert at any rate.

Town was on the agenda today but I decided I’d wait until later to go. There’s nothing pressing. Of course, I ate my last ear of corn today as well as finished off the blueberries. I can live a day without either one.

My trip to the mailbox netted me nothing. I thought I had canceled the Amazon order for cashews but I’d somehow failed to so here it came. The UPS man rang the doorbell and the current location of the “chimes” makes it impossible to ignore.

Besides the corn, I had a tomato and onion sandwich with the first tomato from the garden. It was good and my tremor has subsided enough that I was able to hold it without it vibrating apart.

Two of the Kittenz and Six have just about taken up residence on the deck. They’re getting a bit bolder. One of the Kittenz will come and look at me through the screen but if I open it, it’s gone.

I don’t know how hot it’s gotten today. The Beepers are the ones that show minimum and maximum temperatures and they are totally out of whack right now. All I know is, it’s 81 degrees and I’m going to have to sleep in it. That is, I hope I can sleep. I’m thankful for an a/c, a fan and an EcoBreeze.

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  1. peach July 14, 2015 at 8:25 pm #

    I would be hitting them with a hammer and saying beep now you………..(fill in the blank)….lol

    • Tommie July 14, 2015 at 9:14 pm #

      I’m afraid to fill in the blank. 😀

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