Some Like It Hot

DS1 called yesterday after the house had time to heat up. It was 83 in the coolest part and I was taking it easy. I didn’t feel one bit ashamed, either. We only talked about five minutes. Not the longest conversation on record.

Summoning energy in a hot house wasn’t easy but I did the essentials. Making the bed is getting easier as time goes on.

I tried to work on the lessons but an unequal number of opening and closing quotes messed up the coding and I was in no mood to try to find the culprits.

This morning, I woke an hour earlier than was necessary so I set the timer and went back to sleep and dreamed strange dreams. I don’t remember what they were. I just remember they were strange.

Song service had barely started when I got to church. I slipped in and lo! the pew I’ve come to think of as my own was gone. There was one lone chair in its place. I took up residence on the back pew on the other side and felt rather out of place the whole time. Come to find out, the pew had been removed so the attendee in a wheelchair would have a place to sit with her husband beside her. No one had told her, though, and she took up her accustomed place close to the front. What if she doesn’t want to sit in the very back of the church? Seems a consultation before the move would have been advisable.

I was actually able to sing today. Most times, I end up coughing a lot but I only coughed a little. Singing solos isn’t in my future but I would like to be able to make a joyful noise.

It wasn’t hard to hear most of what was going on as long as the speakers spoke plainly. The pastor was late getting to church so one of the elders filled in for him until he got there. The elder has a pronounced accent and I was unable to get a lot of what he said.

The sermon lasted until almost 12:30 because of the late start. By the time I got home, I was just about starved but I drank my water and made myself wait. That might have been a big mistake because I ended up overeating.

My Mii will fuss at me in the morning, I’m sure. Reason one is because I didn’t do my Body Test this morning. Reason two is because I’m almost positive I’ll weigh more tomorrow.

It hasn’t been as hot today. It’s 79.5 where I’m sitting. Early this morning, I had to pull the blanket over the bed. I’d slept under the sheet most of the night. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

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  1. Lila July 12, 2015 at 8:30 am #

    Those strange dreams can be rather fascinating. Too bad you didn’t remember them – maybe. Of course, depending on what they were.

    • Tommie July 12, 2015 at 9:22 am #

      I have an idea I’ve had better ones.

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