The day was almost gone when I realized I hadn’t fed the Catz. I scraped around on the bottom of the bag and got enough to help stave off starvation for the four that showed up. When I looked out again, it was on toward dusk and the lightning bugs are out in force. So is the neighbor cat. I can’t stay out there and guard the food so I guess it will eat its fill.

Not a lot has gone on today. My sister was asking about the samosas from Dollar Tree so I baked a couple after I ate a large salad. They are nicely seasoned but the small amount of filling included four or five peas, potato and something else that wasn’t identifiable. They are a bit spicy but I wouldn’t say they’re hot. I doubt the Dollar Tree will put much of a dent in my food bill.

I was back on my usual schedule today, waking up not quite so early as Sabbath and Sunday. It was nice not to feel pushed.

Out of habit, I closed the door to the “cool” room today and it didn’t take long at all for the temperature to build.

It’s warmer in here tonight than it was last night. Nighttime temperatures are supposed to taper off later this week. It will be nice to have it cooler in here for a change. Shorter days should help to cool it off at night, too. I can hope, can’t I?

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  1. Lila June 22, 2015 at 9:45 pm #

    Yep, while there’s life, there’s hope.

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