Being Sociable

Last night, I prayed that I’d wake early enough to go to a women’s brunch if I should. It was to start at 9 TT which meant I’d have to be up well before I usually roll out of bed. When I did wake and look at the clock, it was 5:42. Yep. That was earlier than needed. I’d be there in plenty of time.

I did go back to bed, though not back to sleep. I snuggled under the cover (yes, it got cool enough for that) for another hour or so.

It was at a new health food store and deli in the valley on the Walmart side of the mountain. I had a good idea of where I was supposed to go and managed to get there with no problem. I was about 15 minutes early but better early than late, huh?

When I walked in, I was greeted with a hug from the person who was presenting the talk on breast health (the reason for the brunch). She’d attended church regularly several years ago before they moved their membership so I was well-acquainted with her. There were a couple of people from my church, as well, but the rest were mostly new to me.

Brunch was black bean and not-chicken wraps. They were good and I have black bean on my shirt to prove that I enjoyed it. I hope it comes out.

The talk was very good, interesting and entertaining all at the same time. A model boob was passed around and we were to all try to find the lumps in it. I was able to find two of the five before I passed it on.

The whole meeting lasted about an hour and 45 minutes. It was nice being out and about with people.

When I left, I went to Walmart to see if I could get some blueberries but a fellow was boxing up the only ones they had out on display. They were in tiny clamshells and priced too high, anyway. I went looking for some Just Mayo next. There were only two jars on the shelf last Thursday and, sure enough, they were both gone today. A fellow checked and said that more were on order and should be in soon. It’s good to see vegan offerings scarfed up like that. Other than that, I got one more thing and went through the self checkout (which I usually avoid).

I’d wanted to see what the Dollar Tree had to offer besides the egg-free noodles so I stopped there and got a package of veggie “burgers” and samosas.

It was on to Bi-Lo for the blueberries. There were good-sized containers of them, 2/$5 so I got two and my shopping was done.

Back home, I changed into cooler clothes and visited with DD for a little while. They’d spent the weekend on Whidbey Island but were going to have to start back in the next couple hours. Neither one of us had a lot to tell the other.

After that, I vegged out and relaxed until my nurse friend got here to give me my B12 shot. When she left, I ate and ate and ate some more. I decided to go ahead and try one of the Dollar Tree “burgers”. It is more like a potato patty mixed with other stuff. It’s tasty but I think it should be named something else.

I’ve been ending my second meal with Dole Banana Bites and was out so I went to the freezer in the garage and got a package. It was the first time I’d been out there for a long time. A couple of the Catz followed me.

The rest of the afternoon has been spent trying to keep cool. What with the cooking of the “burger”, the temp in the kitchen got up to 83. It’s dropped a degree now. Where I’m sitting, it’s 80.4. Thankfully, it will get a little cooler than that as the night wears on.

6 Responses to Being Sociable

  1. peach June 22, 2015 at 3:10 am #

    So glad you enjoyed your outing and socializing.

  2. Lila June 22, 2015 at 6:21 am #

    So good to know you’re back in circulation and enjoying it!

  3. Mary Jane June 22, 2015 at 9:23 am #

    I had not seen the “burgers” and samosas at the Dollar Tree I go to (my favorite store, according to my friends, and I agree). I’ll have to look again. Are the samosas hot?

    • Tommie June 22, 2015 at 9:28 am #

      I don’t know. I haven’t tried them yet.

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