Memorial Day 2015

Last night was not a good night except for the fact that I woke alive this morning. I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know if it was too hot in the house or if I was restless for some other reason. At any rate, I finally soaked in the tub long enough that I relaxed enough to go to sleep when I went back to bed.

Today has been a mixed bag, weather-wise. Most of the day, it’s been beautiful with sunshine. This afternoon, it clouded up and the rain poured in torrents from the sky. The little flop-eared cat showed up drenched to the skin and acting as if it were starving. I put out more food and it ate like there was no tomorrow.

Along with some of the rain, there was thunder so there had to be lightning even though I didn’t see it.

My sister had emailed that, last night, she had watched the evening meeting from the Carolina Camp Meeting. I looked up the live streaming and the schedule and I watched most of the session tonight. There was an interesting segment about Operation Whitecoat in the military during the 50s to the early 70s. Two of the Whitecoat veterans were there tonight and were honored along with all the rest in a Memorial Day tribute.

During this time, the Computer Owner called and eventually dropped by with my co-op order. I told her I’d posted the link so she could go watch it, too, if she wanted.

The main speaker was someone I knew when he was very young (and so was I). I knew his sister, too. He talked about goading her when they were growing up. It must’ve been interesting living in their house.

My sister had talked about how much he resembles his father and it’s true. I would have liked to put a pedometer on him to see how many steps he took pacing back and forth during the talk.

Well, you might have guessed I didn’t go anywhere today. I don’t think Cuz was a bit surprised. She might have been bowled over if I’d showed up.

Tonight should be cooler with the rain. And the rain is liable to bring more mosquitoes like the one I put out of my misery a little while ago. Its bite is one I don’t want to repeat.

4 Responses to Memorial Day 2015

  1. Lila May 25, 2015 at 9:41 pm #

    Hope your sleep tonight is good enough to make up for last night.

  2. Mary Jane May 29, 2015 at 9:15 pm #

    One of the White Coats is my neighbor in the smaller new house behind mine.

    • Tommie May 30, 2015 at 9:14 am #

      They were certainly brave young men!

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