A Streaming Fiasco

Today has been pretty quiet. Cuz stopped by for a literal minute and let me know the Catz had been fed. She admired my mothball handiwork, too. The Catz have left the plantz alone today.

Speaking of Catz, one was lounging on top of the car. I got my keys and pushed the unlock button and made the horn beep. The Cat was startled but didn’t get down. I did it multiple times but it didn’t move. Then I pushed the panic button and set off the alarm and it took off. It doesn’t take much to entertain me.

I called a pharmacy in town and had the prescription for my B-12 transferred. I’m tired of paying inflated prices for it when I can get it for a little more than half what I paid last time.

My great-nephew graduated from the 8th grade tonight and the whole thing was supposed to be live streamed. To begin with, my sister had the wrong link and I didn’t realize it until I read an email from her that tipped me off. I sent her the right link (which I wouldn’t have had except one of my FB friends posted it) but it only worked intermittently. I have an idea that the server was overloaded and couldn’t handle all the people who were trying to watch. Hopefully, they’ll upload the video so we can watch it later. I looked for my granddaughter with the 7th graders but I didn’t spot her.

It’s been anywhere from cool to cold today. A little while ago, the temperature outside was 49. Now it’s 50. For May, that’s chilly. I have the heat on and it’s 69 where I’m sitting. I think I’ll put extra cover on the bed tonight.

And now that I mentioned “bed”, I’m getting sleepy. G’night, sleep tight.

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