At It Again

The gremlins, that is. When I tried to get in to do my post last night, there was no way. I had installed a plugin to keep the baddies out and it was keeping me out, too. I messaged the company on Facebook and emailed merm but didn’t hear back from either one until today.

Yesterday was a day but not a terribly eventful one. It was cool enough that I wore a long sleeved shirt and pj pants until I had to take the pants off and put them in the laundry basket. They had been put away unwashed and were stinky.

My big accomplishment was unloading the dishwasher. Woohoo.

The clinic called to remind me of my appointment I didn’t know I had. I think it may have been the one that was made when I was discharged from the hospital. I’d thought my appointment with the pulmonologist had taken its place but I guess not.

Last night was spent trying to log in to the blog dashboard. I didn’t sleep well, thinking about it. I got up after midnight to see if anyone had responded to my plea for help but no one had. There was a reminder, though, that today is DIL2’s birthday so I sent her an Amazon gift card. At least that much was done.

When I did sleep, I had strange dreams. My oldest sister and her husband were visiting and I was having quite a time feeding them. He complained that all we were having were veggies so she was cooking spaghetti and rinsing it until it seemed there could be no nutrition left. I hunted up a jar of sauce for it and I guess that made them happy. The spaghetti was the largest I’d ever seen. What entertainment we have when we sleep!

Between support from the company and merm, I figured out what to do and the plugin is no more plus, obviously, I can get where I need to go.

My appointment wasn’t until 12:50 so I had plenty of time to get ready. I heard the mower going and, sure enough, it was Cuz. When I went outside, she shut the engine off and we visited a bit, then she came in later and visited some more.

The Catz have evidently been fed because they haven’t made themselves known.

Cuz took out a garbage bag and the compost bucket that was completely full (it holds five gallons and I couldn’t have picked it up if I’d tried). She asked if I were going to a memorial for a man I’d met on at least one occasion but I don’t plan on it.

Bathed and dressed, I got to the clinic with a few minutes to spare. When I turned around from signing in, I saw one of my former co-workers. She had retired before I did. We hugged and sat down to visit until I was called back.

My O2 sat was 94 with a pulse rate of 99. At home, my pulse is usually around 80. We won’t discuss my weight (though it was down a lub from my previous appointment).

I’d gotten up to look out the window when the doc came in. He told me I look good so I guess I did. I complained to him about my tremors worsening with the Reglan so he has prescribed Propanolol to help calm them down. He assured me it’s generic and inexpensive and it could get my pulse rate down.

We talked about some other things, too, and he gave me business cards to give the rheumatologist and gastroenterologist so he can get my records along with the pulmonologist. I’m so tired of ologists.

My banana supply was down to nothing so I stopped at Save A Lot to replenish. Theirs were glow in the dark green. I bought a tomato and some onions.

Wanting to give the pharmacy plenty of time to fill my prescription, I went to wash the car. It was caked with pollen and had all sorts of other debris, as well. I didn’t feel up to waltzing around in the self-service car wash so I elected the drive-through. I put in my five $1 bills and pushed the button and nothing. I pushed the “refund” button and nothing. Backing around, I went to the convenience store next door only to find that the barber next to the laundromat owns it.

When I walked into the shop, the barber was busily cutting someone’s hair but stopped to listen to my tale of woe. He produced a token, told me to put that in, push the $7 button and it would give me $5 in quarters plus wash my car. He didn’t say to bring the quarters back but I didn’t intend to keep them.

Sure enough, it worked the way he said it would and I got a better wash job than I would have if it had gone through when I pushed the wrong button before.

I took the 20 quarters and gave them to the man. He was all alone in the shop by that time and decided I looked familiar. He questioned me about my name, who I was before I married, where I went to school (no, I didn’t go to the local schools). Baffled, he told me he is 70 and that I sure looked familiar. I told him I’m 71 (I don’t know why) and continued looking familiar.

Taking my now clean-on-the-outside car, I went to the Pig to see about their bananas. They looked much better so I got some of them, some grapefruit and some cereal.

Thinking surely my prescription would be ready, I went across the street to the pharmacy. I killed more time talking to a woman who had worked for years at the Pig. When I went to the window, I found there was a problem. They didn’t have enough to fill it with the 20 mg so would it be okay to fill it with 10 mg and I’m to take two pills twice a day instead of one? Sure, but how much would it be? $42. ??! That didn’t sound inexpensive to me! I went ahead and got it.

I’ve read some online and went over the printout that came with the medicine and I’m not going to start taking it until next week. I don’t need to take it this close to the time that I’ll be needing to drive since it can make a person drowsy and unable to operate machinery including a car or a boat.

Exercising was the last thing I’ve thought about today. I walked ‘way more than usual and that will have to fill the bill.

Cuz called just as I had hauled some things out to the car so I was a bit out of breath. She wanted to know how my appointment went.

I’ve been dozing in my chair. Guess I should stop this and go to bed.

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  1. Lila May 14, 2015 at 9:24 pm #

    Yes, I missed you! Glad you’re back. Today you accomplished a lot more than unloading the d/w. And I have an idea you did more than that yesterday.

    • Tommie May 14, 2015 at 9:30 pm #

      It was piddly stuff not worth mentioning.

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